Los Angeles Master Class with Terry Knickerbocker

The focus of this workshop is simple: How to make make your scene work better.

Did you miss Terry’s visit to Los Angeles last year?

Now is your chance to study with the man who not only has created his own Two Year Conservatory Program in Brooklyn, but who has also coached Sam Rockwell towards his Oscar Winning performance in Three Billboards Outside EbbingMissouri and Oscar Nominated performance in Vice. He has spent years coaching clients including Michelle WilliamsBoyd Holbrook, Emmy Rossum, and Zac Efron

The focus of this workshop is simple: How to make make your scene work better. We will explore bold choices, rich relationships, authentic inner life and full use of your imaginations. All of this should support your work to be lively, rich and free. Be prepared to work and play hard. 

Terry will assign partners, and together, you and your partner will get to choose the material you want to work on together. 

Terry is also offering an opportunity to Audit this class for those who simply want to learn from observing instead of working.

If you are interested in enrolling, please email us ASAP, and apply to be placed on the Interest List.


Please Include:

-Your name

-Your headshot

-Your resume

-What section you would like to be considered for, if you have a preference

-Whether or not you would like to work, or audit

-Why you want to take this class

-What you hope to get out of this class

Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory training, or an equivalent Conservatory, Undergrad, or MFA program. Special consideration may be given to students who have not completed the listed training. Please contact the Administration for more information.
Working – $750

Audit – $375

One Day Audit – $100