About Us

Artists join Terry Knickerbocker Studio to develop into confident, courageous, resilient, thriving actors empowered by a diverse community of like-minded artists and mentors. Founded in 2016, TK Studio has become a premier New York City acting school, training artists in Sanford Meisner’s innovative technique. This city and this studio are our home, and we welcome students from around the world to join us in the pursuit of artistic excellence on stage, in front of the camera, and on set.


Our Promise To Our Students


With our unique take on the Meisner technique, we promise to:

  • Provide our students with tools and a process for creating authentic, nuanced, imaginative acting.
  • Cultivate uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and artistry in our students.
  • Empower our students to embrace the full range of their unique humanity.
  • Support our students with the entrepreneurial skills needed to be a successful working actor.

In order to honor these promises, we developed a wide range of customizable workshops, classes, and programs. We invite you to review all of our offered programming to determine which path is right for you—we’re here to help you navigate the options.

Who Is Terry Knickerbocker?


Terry Knickerbocker founded and serves as Studio Director of Terry Knickerbocker Studio, and has spent the past thirty years in NYC acting, directing, coaching, and producing art. A direct artistic descendent of Sanford Meisner, he spent over 30 years training and teaching with William Esper, one of Meisner’s most respected protegés.

In addition to his many years of training with Esper, Terry was also a core faculty member and alumnus of the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

What Is The Meisner Technique?

Sanford Meisner developed a set curriculum of 128 classes, designed to help students connect with their full range of emotions, draw heavily from their imagination, and create groundbreaking art. The Meisner technique is rooted in Method acting, but incorporates structured, repetitive exercises to cement the skills and mastery of the craft.

Terry Knickerbocker Studio Location

We deliberately chose to build our beloved studio in the heart of Brooklyn’s Industry City. Why? To join a flourishing community of artists, makers, innovators, and creators. With deep intention, care, and consideration, we completed the construction of our Acting studios in 2015 and the final phase of our expansion in 2016 resulting in the modern facilities we play, learn, and work in today.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve the total actor: students who are diverse, generous, curious, collaborative, open-hearted, spirited, uncompromising, and real. Put simply, we serve artists looking to grow. From those with no experience, to those with BFAs and multiple credits under their belts, we help students who seek to explore the full range of emotions they hold within themselves.

Our values are the guiding force behind everything we do here. They are the DNA of the TK Studio culture.

Quite simply, our word is our bond. If we say it, we mean it. We keep our agreements. Period. And we fully expect our students and artistic family to do the same with us and each other.
Learning & Growth
Our faculty, staff, and students are here to facilitate the exploration and expansion of our knowledge of art and life, and specifically our understanding of the art and craft of acting. We teach tools and a process to achieve that. Every class, every rehearsal, every time we sit down to do our artistic homework, every moment in life offers us an opportunity to learn and to grow.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. We are obsessively devoted to quality. We will never settle for doing anything in a casual, sloppy way. We intend to be the very best at what we do, and we train actors who intend to be the very best at what they do.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
We are committed to creating a brave space in which people of all races, ages, national origins, religions, abilities and disabilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and socioeconomic statuses feel safe and encouraged to bring their fullest self to the craft of acting. Representation of diverse voices is a necessity to truthful storytelling in our art form, and we strive to cultivate and amplify these voices within our classrooms, staff, faculty, and online presence. We are committed to investigating our blindspots, working to dismantle white supremacist culture, and being an anti-racist institution.