The Actor as Artist and Entrepreneur

How To Be A Successful Working Actor

In today’s entertainment industry, the modern actor is challenged with maintaining their artistic identity while simultaneously running their own business—marketing themselves as both an artist, and a savvy craftsperson capable of consistently delivering on promised work.

More than making a name for oneself, actors these days are called upon to create a brand for themselves and to balance the vulnerability of creativity with the practical need for logistics, strategy, and fairly paid work.

That’s why we’ve created our Career Essentials: How to be a Successful Working Actor program, where TK Studio can help you step firmly into this duality of roles. We will prepare you to draw upon your life experience and creative energy, and advocate for yourself as a human being and a talented, contributing member of the industry.

The Career Essentials program has been carefully designed to lay a foundation for the rigors of a career as a professional entrepreneur, as well as to continue to nurture and refine the artist’s strengths. The ever-changing landscape of media (film, independent film, television, web series, shorts, theater, etc.) gives actors more opportunities to work and push their boundaries, but without a clear marketing plan and a strategic outlook, these opportunities can quickly become overwhelming.

 Actors will explore and refine their brand as it relates to the field as a whole. We work with students to develop a clear, personalized marketing strategy for film, television, web, and theater, and support the actor in creating a long-term entrepreneurial plan for themselves while maintaining their artistic integrity and creative goals.

The Curriculum

Our foundational Career Essentials workshop is Introduction to Film and Television. It focuses specifically on acting for the camera, and learning the business and industry of acting.

The essentials of acting on camera include making adjustments from acting on stage, how the camera comes to you and watches you think, understanding framing, and even appropriate on-set behavior.

This workshop also covers the essentials of the business and the industry, making you the CEO of your own business. Do you need an agent or manager to get started? Or can you just self-submit on actorsaccess? We will cover auditioning skills, self-taping and turning around work fast, how to know what headshot works for you, websites, and reels. Together we will research and dissect the material you will be working on—from network TV to podcasts to streaming shows—and figure out where your character fits in the story.

Perhaps most importantly, we will help you identify your niche and own your “sweet spot” in the industry. What makes you unique? What kinds of material light you up? What are you not? What’s your elevator pitch, who are you?

A Successful Acting Career

Students will complete this program with the tools and strategies necessary to have a successful acting career, such as:

  • A deep understanding of the business
  • Their specific access point into the industry
  • A strong sense of brand identity
  • How to comfortably connect with industry professionals
  • A fully functional actor website and on-brand social media platforms

  • Next steps and resources to implement structure and dive into the industry with confidence and self-awareness

Additional Career Courses

In addition to the Introduction To Film And Television workshop listed above, you may also select from additional workshops to supplement your training:
  • Advanced On-Camera Class
  • Voiceover
  • Dubbing
  • Audition Monologue Workshop
  • Commercial Audition Techniques
  • Advanced Scene Study with Nathan Flower

All workshops within the Career Essentials program are open to graduates of the Two Year Conservatory Program at TK Studio, as well as students from outside the Studio, provided they have comparable foundational acting training.

Looking for more guidance on your acting training and career?

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