Studio Rental Space
Located in the heart of Brooklyn’s fast-growing Sunset Park neighborhood, Terry Knickerbocker Studio provides a home for its actors, coaches, and other artists in pursuit of their calling onscreen or on stage. This is true in both a spiritual sense and also a physical one. Our facilities and individual studios are each designed to accommodate gatherings of various sizes in a welcoming, accessible, and stimulating environment. When class is not in session, our rehearsal space is open and available to suit a variety of your private or public event needs.

Private Event Space in Brooklyn

Our building with studio space for rent in Brooklyn is located in the middle of Industry City, just one subway express stop from Barclays Center. While our professional actors studio is conveniently connected to Brooklyn and Manhattan, our location offers the perfect blend of private event space while being hardwired into the lifeblood of New York.

The studio event space unites the clean lines of contemporary design with the Feng Shui of expert Andie SantoPietro. Terry has built a small event space that is intended to support its inhabitants and their creativity, wellbeing, and emotional life — and they are available to you.

These rooms are unlike any other studio spaces for rent in NYC. They are ideal for:

  • Business Meetings
  • Networking Events
  • Photo and Video Shoots (equipment not included)
  • Lecture Venue
  • Film Shoots
  • Auditions
  • Rehearsal Space Rentals
Each space has its own unique character and potential, ready and waiting to accommodate you and your guests for a productive and memorable event. Let’s tour the different event spaces for rent.

All rentals within TK Studios also come with built-in amenities, such as:

  • Free High Speed Wi-Fi
  • AC/Heat
  • Lighting
  • Sound System (additional fees)
  • Video Projection System (additional fees)

If you have questions or want to host your event in a beautiful, functional, and clean studio space surrounded by a vibrant artistic community, contact TK Studios at (718) 801-8999 or email

*All studios must be paid for at the time of booking. Any cancellation within 24 hours of the booking will result in forfeiture of payment. If the hosts or parties arrive more than 20 minutes late for a booking, that space automatically becomes available to other patrons and will also result in forfeiture of payment.


Acting Studio 1

Size: 465 sq ft.
Capacity: 22
Prices start at $26.50 per hour.

With 465 square feet of area, good for a total class capacity of 22, this room is ideal for lectures, demonstrations, or teaching sessions. There is also plenty of space to explore for staging small recitals and rehearsals.

Studio A contains 22 chairs, 2 white rehearsal chairs, a folding table, two beds on wheels, and two set-building cubes (with more available). Tall windows drench the room in natural light during the daytime or heavy blackout curtains can shut out the outside world for privacy and intimacy — and adjustable track lighting can provide any degree of illumination you might require, night or day.


Acting Studio 2

Size: 465 sq ft.
Capacity: 22
Prices start at $26.50 per hour.

Studio B is the sister space of Studio A, a mirror image. The identical 465 square feet, 22-person capacity, and the same malleability for staging an intimate gathering for the exchange of art and ideas.

These are two of our most popular event-space rentals because, with their high ceilings, tall windows, and unmistakable energy, they serve as a holistic sanctuary, for both our students and our guests.


Large Movement Studio

Size: 794 sq ft.
Capacity: 35
Prices start at $42.50 per hour.

For a little more room to stretch your legs — and your imagination — Movement Studio C can accommodate 35 people, and its wide-open floor plan presents a wide range of possibilities. Receptions, meetings, networking events, rehearsals, and even intimate productions could easily flourish in this space. And the open floor plan, complete with moveable folding chairs, makes the space malleable to the imagination, a blank canvas upon which you can design the perfect meet-and-greet or other small gathering.

Amenities include blackout curtains, five banks of dimmable track lighting, chairs and tables upon request, and a sound system for turnkey presentations.


Small Rehearsal Studio

Size: 252 sq ft.
Capacity: 10
Prices start at $23.50 per hour.

Ideal for small scenes and table readings, Small Movement Studio D is built to facilitate one-on-one interaction. It can warmly welcome more intimate events, such as meetings, practices, and rehearsals.