Studio Programs and Classes

When you enroll in any program at Terry Knickerbocker Studio, you join a community of passionate artists. Together, we will honor your unique identity and the essence of who you are, so that your work as an artist can flourish. We understand and celebrate that you cannot be the actor you are meant to be without honoring all the parts of who you are—and that there are stories only you can tell. We will help you tell them with skill, heart, and the techniques and training that are right for you.

Terry Knickerbocker Studio is proud to offer a wide variety of programs and classes for actors of all levels. These range from our core conservatory classes in the Meisner technique, to training in movement and voice, to more specialized classes and workshops for the trained actor looking to take their career to the next level. Whatever your interests, we can identify and guide you toward the best path forward for your acting training and success in your career.

What are you seeking?


We’ve developed our programs and classes to meet students where they are in their acting training. While each program will require different commitments of time and money, the primary commitment required is to yourself—to your training, to your aspirations as an artist, and above all, to the pursuit of excellence.

For your part, it’s important to figure where you are in your acting training journey, and what steps you’re looking to take to advance that journey.

Are you:

    • Looking for a small commitment, one or two classes in a particular subject?
    • Seeking an intensive short-term program to boost your skills and understanding of what it takes to be an actor?
    • Wanting to pursue full foundational conservatory acting training?
    • Unsure, and seek guidance on your next steps from highly trained experts with varied skill sets?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’re in the right place. We’re happy to serve as a resource for artists working to learn more and advance their training and careers in the industry.

Featured Programs, Lessons, and Classes for Actors and Performers


Conservatory Programs

Terry Knickerbocker Studio’s flagship program is a five-semester-long professional acting Conservatory, centered around the Meisner technique. Over two and a half years, our world-class instructors support artists in this program in the development of a set of tools and techniques they can rely on to deliver nuanced, truthful, and consistent performances. The foundations of acting and technique in the first year flow into practice and implementation in the second, culminating in fifth semester Career Essentials classes designed to teach students how to be working actors, preparing them to enter the industry.

We recognize that many artists have different needs and capacities for training. As such, we offer three tracks of our Conservatory program so you can customize your experience accordingly.


Intensive Programs

Our Intensive programs are offered every Spring, Fall, and Summer, over the course of six to nine weeks. The Acting Intensive courses consist of the first 18 classes of the 128-class Meisner curriculum, and will form the basis of your mastery of the Meisner technique. The concurrent Movement and Voice intensives build foundational skills that round out the actor’s toolkit. These programs are designed for actors of all skill levels to rapidly expand their range as actors, explore the Meisner technique, and experience Terry Knickerbocker Studio’s approach to actor training.

Each of our intensive acting ensembles are made up of a connected and close-knit cohort of not more than 20 students. This allows you to form a long-lasting community of talented peers, receive one-on-one attention from our faculty, and receive a taste of the best training we can offer.


Specialty Classes

We know that many actors have distinct interests in various techniques and tools, like Voiceover, Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Alexander Technique and many more. Like university conservatory programs, we offer a wide range of elective classes. Some may be required to fulfill the hours needed for our Conservatory Complete program, but all are open to current students, alumni, or anyone new to the Studio who is looking to expand their craft. 

These classes provide an unparalleled chance at expanding your actor’s toolbox, and enriching your community with our exceptional faculty and your fellow actors.


Career Essentials

Career Essentials at TK Studio serves to help the actor transition from the acting classroom to the rehearsal room or to the film or television set. Students come out of their training programs all the time and find the road from training actor to working actor unfinished. Career Essentials will support you to build that road, to pave your way, helping you answer the questions, “How do I become a successful working actor?” and, ultimately, “How do I have an acting career?”


Studio Workshop Series

TK Studio values community, and with this brand new workshop series, we’ll be expanding our community to include new students, new faculty, and new tools to train the actor.

The Studio Workshop Series is a menu of brand new workshops, offered over the course of the 2022-2023 school year at TK Studio, designed to enhance and expand the performer’s toolkit through immersive weekend experiences. These intensive workshops are open to ALL—current students and alumni of the Studio, and members of the public yet to experience the Studio.


Private Coaching

For experienced actors who are currently working in the industry, Terry reviews each request for coaching on a case-by-case basis. Scheduling opportunities are very limited. Additional faculty members are available to offer audition, monologue, or scene coaching. 

Looking for more guidance on your acting training and career?

Maybe you’re not sure where to start, have questions about a specific program or class, or are seeking guidance on the benefits of an acting school vs. university training. We’re here to help. Please use the form below to get in touch with our studio for answers to your questions.