Stage Combat

Join Stage Combat expert J. David Brimmer as he leads the class through a series of warm-ups, exercises, drills, and choreography. You will learn the basics of stage combat, partnering, and the application of these skills in performance.

Learn how to be present, aware, and engaged. Learn how to center your instruments, engage fluidly with your fellow classmates, and to apply effectively the vocabulary you have learned in a performance situation, in order to create the illusion of violence and conflict.

Class begins with warm-ups to prepare the instrument for the day’s work. You are taught a series of movement vocabulary designed to simulate violence, and are introduced to exercises and drills designed to assist in developing partnering skills and freedom of expression. You are encouraged to hone your powers of observation in creating the illusion of violence. The class will culminate in the integration of verbal and physical dialogue in a performance setting.

Teacher: J. David Brimmer
Prerequisites: None