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“What Ethie brings to her teaching from her extensive experience as a performer is not only a thorough knowledge of how to access one’s voice, but also a deep empathy for the inner process that performance students must undergo as they encounter, work with, and overcome all the personal blocks, and fears that crop up […]

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“It was an amazing two weeks. The one thing that will always stick with me is always be yourself, through and through. Will miss this very much.” – HS Student

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“It was vulnerable in a good way…it made me feel more human.” – HS Student

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“I will take away…being unique and being truthful.” – HS Student

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“I highly, highly recommend these ladies, and this program!” After working with Terry in Master Class for well over a year (maybe even two), Terry had a little heart-to-heart with me. He sat me down and, well, let’s just say he *really encouraged me* to consider taking Year 3 with Katie and Allison. After all, […]


“She gives you the tools to make your best case…..”   Allison is a lovely, smart and talented casting director who reminds us jaded actors that CD’s actually really want you to book the job! She gives you the tools to make your best case – from discovering your “type” & your “colors” to how […]


“I can’t believe I ever booked a job prior to Katie and wonder how many auditions I blew because I didn’t have the skills she teaches…..” Katie Flahive is a gift. She is a talented, working actor who helps you put all of the incredible lessons you’ve learned from Terry and the other amazing staff […]


“I have loads of respect and appreciation for Peter’s passion for perfecting this craft….”   Throughout the 6-week Summer Intensive, Peter really pushed me to allow my emotions in completely. His feedback and guidance helped me grow as an actor in this short period of time. I have loads of respect and appreciation for Peter’s […]

“Without him, I wouldn’t completely understand what it is to be emotionally naked in the moment….”   I had Peter for the 6-week summer intensive in 2020. Peter’s passion and persistence allowed me to focus on my work and seek improvement all while living and doing truthfully under imaginary circumstances. His honest advice and constructive […]

“He makes you want to come back and try again….” Peter is a phenomenal teacher. He’s tough, relentless, and unsparing. But in art, that usually means a teacher is all-in and completely committed to his students. From the start, Peter makes it clear he demands everyone follow process, try as hard as they can, and […]

“She helps you take back charge over yourself as an artist…..”   For me, studying with Allison was super helpful because she helps you pinpoint where you are and how to either break into the industry or how to further your career if you’re already in the industry. She helps you take back charge over […]

I had Peter for the 6-week Summer Intensive. Peter challenged and pushed me to live truthfully as an actor throughout the entire session. I have tremendous appreciation and respect for him as a teacher of the Meisner technique. For what he taught me and how much I have grown through his feedback and guidance in […]

“Allison’s the person to go to….”   So why should an actor takes Allison’s class? The #1 reason for me was the biggest reason I wanted to take the class: because of my anxiety. As I’m sure a lot of you also feel: you just graduated, you’re fresh out the gate, like, where do you […]


“She comes in everyday with a great attitude and ready to work…..”   I joined the Intro to Meisner Course to become a better actor. During the process, I felt I was not only becoming a better actor but also a better person. The technique and my dedicated teacher, Carolyn, opened my eyes in so […]

“David created such a safe place for us to share so intimately and fearlessly…..”   Generosity, collaboration, heart, truth, abundance and humility are the words that come to my mind. David created such a safe place for us to share so intimately and fearlessly even though we were not even in the same space. I […]

“It’s an amazing experience to discover how vast you are in so many ways…..”   Sinead, because she has a reference in Meisner work and therapy, is able to give a perspective that I really needed. Even to this day, I am shocked about the things that come up in the work from me. It’s […]

Sinead really did an amazing job of creating a safe environment that she led without actually leading the discussion; we led the discussion with what we wanted to talk about. And if conflict arose or if someone felt unsafe, she always stepped in. It’s great to have someone there who is leading the charge, but […]


“….when Sinead’s in the room, I feel like I can share anything….”   Sinead’s great. Even if you don’t want to do Emotional Education Group, you should do it just to see Sinead do her thing. I don’t even know how to describe, in my opinion, how good she is at what she does. She’s […]


“I feel grateful to have Sinead in the TK community….”   Sinead creates a very safe environment for us to share our feelings and relate to what others are saying and have usually-hard-to-have conversations. She’s such an expert in navigating and guiding people through their emotions. I feel grateful to have Sinead in the TK […]

“That’s how you grow: with someone like Sinead being your guide….”   I love Sinead. She’s so calming, she’s so warm, but not in a performative way. She just is warmth and is this calm and centered energy that is so necessary because the things that come up in the Emotional Education Group are so […]

“I can’t stress enough how patient she is with her students – unrelentingly so…..”   Although it was not required, I enrolled in Pandora’s Advanced Script Analysis class because I knew working with her could only make me more skilled in this area. It was a small class, but definitely worthwhile. Pandora methodically walked us […]

“Pandora was supportive every step of the way…..”   In Solo Show, working with Pandora is like working with a partner. Pandora was supportive every step of the way. She eased us into the work with fun writing prompts and discussions before we started actually working on our drafts. Once we were writing our pieces, […]

“I feel like if you want to be an on-camera actor, Katie is the way to go….”   What struck me the most about Katie’s teaching and coaching is that she’s in the Industry and she’s experiencing what we want to experience in the Film & TV world. She brings in her knowledge and shares […]

“Working with Bethany is a dream come true for any actor, honestly…..”   Working with Bethany is a dream come true for any actor, honestly. The way she invites you to play – the tools that she will introduce you to are tools that you will use for the rest of your life, tools that […]

“Katie is the kind of mentor and the kind of teacher who really empowers you as an artist to show up and to do the work….”   I have been working with Katie Flahive just short of two years now. Katie is the kind of mentor and the kind of teacher who really empowers you […]

Katie will get you used to being in the audition room. She will help you understand the audition process and how the industry operates. And I think for any actor who is up-and-coming: that is invaluable. I can’t imagine anyone who wants to be an actor, who wants success, not taking this class. – Rob […]

“….she really challenges you to be the artist that you say you want to be….”   What I love about studying with Katie is the combination of rigor and nourishment that she brings to the classroom. In terms of rigor, she really challenges you to be the artist that you say you want to be. […]

“I’m telling you, the results are so rewarding…..” I had no idea what “stage combat” meant until I took David’s class. Now I can fake-whoop my fellow actor’s butt in style. In all seriousness, this class taught me not only about the technical aspects of what goes into performing stage combat, but also the mindset […]

David Cady is IT. His insight and direction never fail to amaze me; he has such a graceful way of guiding us through whatever we’re working on. He is clear and precise and FUNNY and engaging. I cannot recommend his class enough. You don’t want to miss it! – Audre B. Third Year Student

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TK Studio is an extraordinary place to train and grow as an actor. Terry’s personal and thorough approach to acting (based in Meisner) and the conservatory process is – in my opinion – the best you will find anywhere. And the Studio staff are wonderful as well. TK Studio is a truly special artistic home. […]

“Terry’s laser focus and intuitive ability to find the truth in everyone’s work is incredibly rare…..”   The last two years of my life spent with Terry I have seen tremendous growth in my work as an actor and in my life as a human being. He is compassionate, caring and gentle while simultaneously demanding […]

The depth of knowledge and wisdom that David Brimmer has is endless. His experience in the field of stage combat is in his bones and it is clear when he is teaching that not only does he love it himself, but he loves spreading the knowledge he has accrued over such a long career.  He […]

I had a wonderful experience taking David Cady’s Commercial Acting class. I found the course material to be highly applicable to real-life scenarios. David is a wonderful teacher; he provides students with a clear understanding of what to expect in a commercial audition as well as empowers students with the tools necessary to be able […]

“She has helped me find a new appreciation and a better utilization of my body….”   I am forever grateful to have met and to be taught by the butterfly of a human, Julia Crockett. Julia has helped me to find release throughout my body in ways that were so kind and welcoming and so […]

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“Kana helped me see potential in myself that I didn’t know was there….”   Kana helped me see potential in myself that I didn’t know was there. In every class, I felt appreciated for what I brought to the room, but also challenged to grow in a way that was focused on simply moving and exploring. […]

Jihoon I Portrait

“….what was so valuable about working with him was being able to witness a leader and an artist at work…..”   I undoubtedly learned how to be a better mover with Nate, but what was so valuable about working with him was being able to witness a leader and an artist at work. Nate is […]

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“Just dive in; head first. Terry will be there for you for sure.”   A big fan of Terry here for many reasons… 1. And this is my favorite reason: his adjustments. The way he communicates his adjustments is fantastic. Anybody can pick them up. He reminds me of Moss. His use of simile is […]


Best decision I’ve ever made! This studio is a very special place and Terry is the best teacher/coach I’ve ever been around. I can’t recommend working with him enough. – Evan R. Alumnus


“….this is the place to sharpen your blade….”   If you’re interested in not only being a better actor but an actor that also strives for the highest quality of work, this is the place to sharpen your blade. The standards are high, the work is demanding, and if you can find an opportunity to […]


“….I implore anyone seeking personal betterment to visit the Terry Knickerbocker Studio….”   One can only benefit from time spent at Terry Knickerbocker Studio; the faculty’s belief in craft, attention to detail, and passion in the pursuit of maximizing their student’s potential are on par with any institution I’ve ever encountered. Terry is of a […]


Matthew is just so brilliant. He’s a brilliant teacher and a brilliant soul. It was awesome to work with him. – Michael S. Alumnus


“He is an instructor who truly cares about each and every one of his students….”   Working with Kendrick has pushed me in ways I wouldn’t normally get from a typical classroom setting. He is demanding in the best way and always wants to push you to be your best. That’s his number one priority […]

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“Pandora is a great collaborator…..”   Writing a solo show requires personal commitment, generosity and courage. However, through-out the process, you will surely feel self-doubt, fear and a relentless need to procrastinate. Having Pandora Scooter in your corner during the writing process will ensure you have all the knowledge and experience that you need to […]


“I’m a better person and actor for having studied with Julia…..”   Julia is an incredible artist and teacher. Her depth of knowledge is inspiring. Her openness and generosity with this knowledge is profound — She cultivates a safe, judgment-free space where students are able to learn and fail and grow through experience and with […]


“Kendrick is a remarkable teacher….”   When I first signed up for the Two-Year Conservatory, I was a bit nervous about choosing Kendrick. Only because Terry Knickerbocker’s name was everywhere. I thought, “Shouldn’t I be taking classes from the name on the marquee?” After the first class, I felt guilty for thinking those things. Kendrick […]

“Being in Clown class was a transformative experience…..”   Being in Clown class was a transformative experience. Justin created a space in which we felt free to express ourselves with love for ourselves and each other, without judgement or fear of failure or messing up. Being a clown opened me up in ways that made […]


Meg is SO smart, and also SO kind! She brought great insight to the variety of texts we analyzed in Script Analysis. I loved how she always pivoted the conversation to what her students wanted to discuss that day. Meg’s ability to pivot, while staying true to the text, made her classes very enjoyable! Also, […]

Working with Carolyn helped me harness and celebrate my uniqueness– what I alone can bring to a character. She truly exemplifies what it means to approach acting with dedication, compassion, and a sense of play. – Daley B. Alumnus

Mac was super supportive and sweet, and gave really good constructive and specific notes for my Movement IV solo piece as I was developing it. I hope our paths cross again in the future so I get to work with him in more depth. – Catherine W. Alumnus


“I developed a lot of confidence and trust in my body and my work in his movement classes….”   Nate demands excellence, which is a very good thing, but it can be very scary because we are being asked to step out of our comfort zones and explore that discomfort within the context of movement. […]

“She brings insight, wisdom, and compassion into the circle….”   I love Kana! She is not only a nurturing and amazing Earth Mama movement teacher, but a Meisner-trained actor who studied with Terry during her conservatory years. Her specific experience with Terry as his student, and subsequently as a teacher at his school, is an […]

Nate is hilarious and incredibly generous. He creates such a safe place to explore your edges and try new things. Nate instills in each performer a true love for creativity and play, and I miss being in class with him daily. – Victoria M. Alumnus


Kana is pure joy and delight! She has indelibly helped me to find my inner strength and voice as an artist and performer. Kana genuinely cares about her students and goes above and beyond to help them achieve their goals and grow. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. – Victoria M. Alumnus


Mac is so supportive and encouraging! I would not have gained the confidence I now feel as a mover/dancer if it weren’t for his keen eye and empathetic nature. – Victoria M. Alumnus


“That might have been the most playful I’d ever gotten in the Studio thus far…..”   Physical Character was an exciting way to kinda shake things up and a way for us to dive into the work that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, and to learn stuff that, to me, was just so […]

Voiceover is awesome! It’s super helpful and a lot of fun. Andy not only teaches the class, but gives you great tools, tricks, and tips to pursue VO as a career. It’s crazy how helpful the little tricks he gives us are; when you do a line reading and he says “roll your eyes while […]

“Since I started working with her, I know what I’m doing and I’m confident every time I get a script…..”   Katie, without a doubt, has helped me raise my game on every level when it comes to auditioning for Film & TV. She’s worked in the industry for a long time and knows what […]

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Matthew is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life – in any curriculum. He’s just a wonderful guy. He’s a walking, living genius. – Dylan M. Conservatory Student

Belinda is just a master of her craft. – Dylan M. Conservatory Student

I’m thankful for all our Movement teachers for being so supportive and encouraging throughout the program. When COVID-19 hit, they made sure to have all hands on deck and it was an incredibly special experience to navigate new territory with them. They are all a joy to work with and I hope to keep working with […]

Mac is a great observer and offers a lot of insightful feedback. Even though he was just shadowing Nate in our class at first, he ultimately invested a lot of time into being with us and offering his wisdom and creativity. I’m so glad he was there to help us with some choreography for our […]

“…..he’s a true expert in Movement…..”   Nate the Great has a magical way of assessing each individual’s areas of tension and what each person can work on. He has a playfulness about him that brings a lot of joy into the room, so it’s always fun working with Nate! He also knows what he’s […]

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“….she really challenges us to move outside of our comfort zones….”   I love Kana so much. She really became like a big sister to me. When I was going through some serious struggles (having injured my foot) and was on the brink of dropping from Movement due to the lockdown, she was really there […]

Grace 3

“When I say that Belinda is one of the best listeners I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, I’m not hyperbolizing….”   I started playing sports at a very young age until they eventually took me on to a collegiate career. I had coaches for everything. I was very fortunate in that regard. I’ve […]


“I recommend Justin’s clowning class for anyone who wants to re-awaken the child in them and to expand deeper into the depths of their most care-free, impulsive artistry….” I signed up for Justin’s Clowning class last minute and to me and my work as an artist, it ended up being one of the most critical […]


“He’s opened my eyes to aspects of myself that I have forgotten….”   The amount of love, respect and gratitude I have for Terry can not fit in this review. Terry has been such a great teacher and colleague. He’s opened my eyes to aspects of myself that I have forgotten, aspects that I need […]

“I can’t imagine studying with anyone else….”   I’ve been studying with Terry for nine years, which is how long I’ve lived in New York. I can’t imagine studying with anyone else. His attention and patience doesn’t just resonate with me as an actor, but continues outside the classroom, as well. It’s pretty amazing to […]


“I finally feel like I’m being equipped with what I need to pursue acting on a bigger level….”   I met Terry through a friend of mine and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made to attend his Two-Year Conservatory. Not only is this class opening up doors for me that I didn’t […]

“Everyone from staff to students is there for the shared love and passion for acting….”   Terry Knickerbocker Studio is an excellent studio. I have pages of great things to say but most people don’t read that long so here are the bullet points. At TK Studio, you work closely and personally with Terry. He […]


Awesome training. Terry and his select staff of awesome teachers are committed to the excellence of themselves and each student. They will teach you techniques to access and construct performances that are the best version of yourself for each and every role. Do it. Just do it. – Anthony G. Alumnus

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I participated in the Summer Intensive & it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I am more fully self-expressed, allowing my inner self to match my outer. Terry, Nate, Matt & Kana are some of the most high integrity teachers I’ve had the pleasure to learn with. If you are on the […]


“Terry creates a safe, fun, and experimental environment that allows us students to explore our different temperaments at great length….”   Terry Knickerbocker Studio is an AMAZING acting studio. It is helmed by the brilliant Terry himself who challenges, inspires, collaborates, but more importantly, builds relationships with his students. He always comes ready to teach […]

One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had as a human and an actor. Terry creates an environment that made me feel comfortable to explore and discover aspects of myself that I️ was afraid of and didn’t even know existed. Gentle & insanely honest. I️ continue to learn from Terry and look forward to doing […]


“Terry treated me (as he treats all of his students) like a serious person and a serious actor….”   I have been working with Terry for over a year now, after taking a break from acting for quite some time to have kids. It was terrifying getting back on the horse – I felt like […]

Kathy Cortez SOTM.1

“I left his class with a broader view of the world, a stronger understanding of our work and a better sense of myself as an artist….”   Upon walking in and seeing TK Studio for the first time, I realized how serious Terry Knickerbocker is about building an environment conducive to learning. Every inch of […]


“Terry truly is the créme de la créme of acting teachers….”   I had the privilege of studying with Terry over 15 years ago, and was thrilled to hear about the opening of his very own studio. I recently enrolled in his Master Class after many years and was quickly reminded why Terry truly is […]


“He is a library of knowledge on all things acting….”   I recently took Terry’s LA Master Class. What an amazing teacher this guy is!! He is a library of knowledge on all things acting. His approach and feedback are honest but gentle, he doesn’t rip actors apart, nor does he pat you on the […]

“He is sure-handed and secure enough in his own way to be flexible to the needs of the actor in front of him….”   Terry Knickerbocker is excellent, and stands for excellence. He is a deeply knowledgable communicator of his own tradition, and has a palpable curiosity of other ways of working, which I have […]


“He puts the Master in Master Class….”   Terry visited Drama Inc. (what I consider the best acting studio in Atlanta, GA) in February 2020 and I was lucky enough to be one of the INCterns helping with the week of Master Classes. Terry is simply the best. He puts the Master in Master Class. […]

“I found myself surrounded by students and staff that were universally invested in my growth and success….”   This past summer, I had the privilege of participating in TK’s Summer Intensive. I have trained at other schools and studios in New York and I can confidently say that the Terry Knickerbocker Studio is something special. […]


“….there’s still not a day that goes by where I don’t think about this studio…”   Years later, there’s still not a day that goes by where I don’t think about this studio. Absolutely life-changing. I not only became a better actor, but I became a better person. – Julian J. Alumnus

“It was the most alive I’d ever felt in my life….”   I came to the Terry Knickerbocker Studio at the ripe age of 19. I had no idea what I was in for, but I am glad I came. I could never find any other words to describe my experience there other than riveting. […]


“He’s a master at his craft and anyone who gets to work with him is truly lucky….”   Terry is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher that will push you to be the best that you can be. He’s authentic, invested in each and every student and so inspiring. After studying with him for the 2-Year program […]


“Terry has a flare and style that is all his own….”   I haven’t felt this inspired, up for any challenge, ready to take the best care of my instrument as a whole, ready to dive in deeper than ever, in a long time. I forgot so many wonderful parts of actor training, voice, movement…details […]


“….this work is both the most difficult thing that I’ve ever done and also the most fun….”   In January, I started training as an actor at Terry Knickerbocker Studio in Brooklyn. I took a leap of faith, moved to New York, and enrolled in this full-time program. My teacher Terry Knickerbocker asked me if […]


“It is some of the hardest and most worthwhile work you will ever do….”   Terry Knickerbocker Studio has absolutely changed my life as an actor and artist. I feel confident I have honed my craft under his teaching. All of the teachers at the Studio, as well as Terry, are beyond qualified to make […]


“If you are serious about acting, then this studio is number one….”   If only it was easy to articulate why this studio deserves 5 stars!! My experience here was life-changing to say the least. If you are serious about acting, then this studio is number one. Terry, the staff and the students thrive here, […]

Terry taught a 4-day Intensive in Atlanta that I was lucky enough to be a part of! I absolutely loved the importance he puts on the writing and the words of the playwrights. This is something that’s rarely taught in Atlanta. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to better their craft! – Candi V. […]


Terry did a 4-day Intensive in Atlanta and it was absolutely incredible. You can tell that acting is embedded in every cell in his body and he truly does care. His patience is unmatched which also created a really safe environment to be free & feel. While those 4 days were hard, I felt like […]


I only had a chance to audit one day of the 4-day Intensive at Drama Inc. in Atlanta (it sold out quickly), but it was still invaluable. The feedback and coaching he gave during the running of scenes was simple, direct, and actionable, and I saw it change the performances immediately. I am now doing […]

I met Terry at a workshop I audited in Atlanta. I was greeted with the most sincere welcome. Terry is a genuine and caring teacher. His knowledge and the way he communicates is a true gift. I sat in two sessions and watched how he took the actors to another level with their skills. I […]

renee c.1

“Terry has a true gift to meet an actor where they are and to give guidance without any judgement….”   I had the opportunity to take the first Atlanta 4-day Terry Knickerbocker Intensive and it was the absolute best experience. It was challenging and so very rewarding. We always strive for precision and clarity in […]


“I grew tremendously in this journey….”   Where can I begin about this incredible experience? Terry is easy to know, direct, supportive, and brings to his class knowledge that cannot be compared to any class I have taken! His wonderful direction changed my scene from a disaster to, on the last day, something he seemed […]


“TKS molds individuals, not cookie cutters….”   Terry Knickerbocker Studio is my artistic home. Terry and his faculty are incredible — working with them has changed me as an actor and as a person in all of the best ways. TKS molds individuals, not cookie cutters — I trust Terry and his faculty one hundred […]

Kim Portrait

“Do not miss out on an opportunity to study here. It will change your life…..”   When you study at Terry Knickerbocker Studio – growth is inevitable. Training with Terry is the best decision I have ever made for my art, my career, and my life. I leave every class feeling inspired and motivated. The […]

“Be prepared to work hard, and transform!”   Besides a thorough, specific, all-encompassing, caring, & passionate training in the craft of acting, my time at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio has given me self-empowerment, a way of working and breaking through my own blocks, and a commitment to pursuing my work always with love and joy. […]


Julia and Mac’s Physical Character class is a game-changer! I learned clear, simple, creative and really effective ways to bring a character & its physicality to life via the tools acquired from the course. Not to mention, I got to work with such knowledgeable, fun and inspiring teachers. 10/10 would def recommend to a friend. […]

Jaden Kauhale SOTM

“Being in Andy’s class makes me feel like I’m a kid again….”   Voice Over has been a class that I have been wanting to take at the Studio for quite sometime and I figured there’s no better time than now! Being in Andy’s class makes me feel like I’m a kid again. During this […]

Jackie C

“….That, to me, is the mark of a truly great teacher. One who actually wants you to not need them anymore.”   Terry always knows which parts of you to encourage: -when to push or when to back off. -when to let you fall flat on your face and when to hold your hand. -when […]


“It is to him that I owe my maturation as both a person and an actor…..”   Terry is the best teacher I have ever had, in any subject, across all academic and artistic boundaries. What he has taught me about acting may be secondary to what he has taught me about my approach to […]


Kana is an inspiring and brave artist. She is thoughtful and willing to push into unfamiliar territory fearlessly. Her movement work is specific, fluid, and beautiful. – Jenny Koons Director  


I think about when I’m 50 and I just got nominated for my Third Oscar and the guy asks “Where’d you find your voice?” And I say, “I had this burning desire to find my voice when I was young and Terry Knickerbocker summoned it from this grave in me where I buried all my […]

“This is life-changing training….”   This is life-changing training — both as an artist and human being. Unlike some graduate programs, Terry is interested in an individual’s quirks and nurtures your uniqueness. You come out of the program with both his standard of acting excellence and your individuality better understood by yourself and your colleagues. […]


I trained with Terry a few years back, and he navigated my consciousness into a thorough dissection of my psyche – and guided me in a much fuller understanding of myself I did not believe I was capable of. And challenged me every single day I was in his class. The best of the best. […]

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“….working with him and getting to know him has been one of the greatest joys of my life….”   Terry has been the most important teacher for my acting life. His ability to be exactly what you need, whether it’s a drill sergeant, a compassionate guru, a goofy friend or, in my case, all of […]

“All of the teachers here are top notch, professional and immensely passionate and caring….”   Truly, I cannot recommend training at this studio enough. Studying with Terry has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only is Terry filled with knowledge and wisdom about acting and the industry, but he is […]


“He makes the work feel accessible and helps us take ourselves a little less seriously when we get in our heads….”   I’ve had an amazing experience in Voice with Matthew Dudley. He’s helped me pinpoint physical habits I have that not only interfere with my voice but also with my power as an actor […]


I have studied with many different acting coaches in both LA & NYC. But after just a short time spent with Terry, I can honestly say he is the best I’ve ever worked with. His teachings are invaluable. Terry has a true gift for this. I cannot wait to return for more of his incredible […]


“Terry and his team have not only made me a better actor, but, in doing so, have made me a better man….”   This teacher, this technique, this studio have changed my life, and all for the better. When I first met Terry, he challenged me with a question that at the time I couldn’t […]


“I 100% recommend Terry Knickerbocker Studio for any actor – from beginner to seasoned vet….”   I worked with Terry Knickerbocker prior to his development of this new studio. After a visit, I was inspired to jump right back and study here! Terry is the most incredible teacher. His commitment and dedication to each individual […]


“My experience training with Terry has been a wake-up call of the heart….”   I highly recommend this teacher, this studio and this path if you aspire to be a true artist. My experience training with Terry has been a wake-up call of the heart. Terry encourages you to be who you are…unhinged and in […]


I’m forever grateful to Terry for reminding me why I love acting, for valuing craft and taking the time and care to invest in digging deeper and honoring the work. I hope to be back in the Studio again soon! – Caitlin Z. Master Class Student


“….he has given me an artistic vocabulary from which to craft wherever I go….”   Working with Terry has been invaluable to me as an artist. His special gift for seeing actors’ true selves, often before they do, alongside his standard of excellence, precision, compassion and patience has all helped me become the artist I […]

Samantha L copy

“I cannot stress enough how this studio has made me a better actor/thinker….”   If you are a holistically-minded actor and committed to being an artist, then this studio is the best place to train. The faculty is wise and commits themselves outright to the blossoming of each student and the ensemble as a whole. […]

Henry F W headshot

“….this was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had….”   Overall, I honestly feel like this was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. In the city, there are so many teachers and schools that feel like they don’t have your best interest or growth in mind and this was the […]


“I’ve never felt so connected to who I am, and who I am becoming….”   The growth and profound self-exploration experienced through taking this journey with Terry is unparalleled; I’ve never felt so connected to who I am, and who I am becoming. It has opened my eyes, mind, and heart to the deepest aspects […]


“His pursuit of excellence, and ability to treat people as humans make him a teacher every actor needs…..”   Terry’s approach to teaching can be summed up in two words: authentic and compassionate. Never having studied with Terry, I went through many anxieties and fears leading up to class. Within the first few minutes of […]


“Matthew is focused and gets work done….”   Matthew is focused and gets work done. He has a joyful spirit and also knows that there is a lot to be done and goes at a nice steady pace to accomplish things. During one-on-one work, he coaches in a way that pushes us hard and leads […]


“…..he immediately honed in on me and innately understood something about me as a person….”   One of the things that most struck me about Terry when I first started studying with him was how he immediately honed in on me and innately understood something about me as a person. This intimate understanding he has […]