The Terry Knickerbocker Studio

The Best Acting Studio New York City Has To Offer

Located in the heart of Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, TK Studio provides an artistic home for its actors, coaches, alumni and other artists in pursuit of their calling onscreen or on stage. This is true in both an artistic sense and also a physical one. Our facilities and individual studios are each designed to accommodate gatherings of various sizes in a welcoming, accessible, and engaging environment.

Setting The Intention

TK Studio is located within Industry City, a developing complex full of makers, designers and artists that serves as an incubator for many art forms. We believe that actors make things too; we make behavior, interactions, and ultimately, stories full of life. We knew that Brooklyn, and this specific niche outside the bustle of Manhattan, is where we wanted to settle.

Our studio within Industry City was designed and built with the belief that the space in which you spend your time has a profound impact on your psyche and wellbeing. With that in mind, we engaged feng shui expert Andie SantoPietro, and set out to create a space where students are nurtured both professionally and personally.

The Design Of Our Space

The Foundation

First, we set the stage with a foundation: the walls throughout are white, to provide a clean canvas, but there’s also lots of color in the space—we specifically chose red for its high energy, along with orange, which is warm and engaging. We paid a great deal of attention to the way sound traveled in the space, its mitigation, and its absorption, so that the work is both acoustically balanced, and private and protected.

The Acting Studios

Next, we set to work on our acting studios, which we wanted to be minimal and effective, yet warm. With full traditional Meisner studio furniture, including a mirror, rehearsal cubes, and beds, these studios are meant to be flexible and nondescript to allow for the focus to remain on craft. There are energy-saving LED lights throughout the entire building, and they are controllable and dimmable so that students can set the scenes for themselves during shares and performances.with your art apart from the demands of the world outside the space.

House to Home

Finally, we made a house a home, so to speak. We sourced a beautiful massive farm table for gathering, selected plants, installed water features, and displayed Terry’s mask collection throughout the studio, representative of different performing arts traditions around the world. Each addition was an intentional choice—from the number of plants, to the fabric on the couch and the chairs, everything was designed down to the last detail.

The Result

The space is an invitation. When you enter our studio, you cross into a special, distinct space—a space apart. It looks, smells, and sounds different, and puts you into the right headspace to cultivate your focus and connect with your art apart from the demands of the world outside the space.

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