Alexander Technique


There’s a knock at the door, I turn and…wait, why am I so tense? Why am I holding my breath?…What am I doing?!…

The Alexander Technique is a set of skills and insights about how to find ease, confidence, and precision in the way you move, breathe, and communicate. We enter into the process through the body to restore connection to your sense of unity or wholeness—your understanding of how you manifest your physical, psychological and cultural interconnections is the essential core of this work. In this way, it will give you a foundation for syncing up your acting, voice and movement training.

You will learn a process for uncovering your playful responsiveness in the moment -tuning your nervous system to be steady, ready and flexible. You will learn more about:

● how to use your senses — to invite rather than defend against sensation.
● developing a dependable sense of center so that you can organize your core strength
● how to use space and open your focus — freeing up your breath to support your voice.
● recognizing and changing habitual patterns reflected in posture, demeanor and vocal support.

Class meetings begin with orienting: skills to help you establish a steady sense of grounding. These skills playfully open up your awareness of choice and freedom from dependency on habits. The Alexander Technique process is unhurried, allowing you to manage change with less anxiety. And with joy!

Teacher: Belinda Mello