Movement II

In Movement II, you are constantly supported to bring all the mechanisms of Acting closer together.

Continuing the work of Movement I –  Movement II  helps you shift even further toward releasing physical habits and soothing behaviors of self-consciousness. You become more comfortable with the spontaneous experience of physical freedom and you become clearer about what it means to be free of tension.

In Movement II, you are constantly supported to bring all the mechanisms of Acting closer together: the physical, emotional, and the imaginative. The focus on the sensory experience of the self, of others, and the imaginary world allows you to experience more deeply and with greater behavioral freedom.

Movement II investigates the physical processes that suggest a letting-go of physical control and a heightening of all the senses.  As an ensemble, the class explores imaginative states such as ‘Creating Drunk‘ and ‘Creating Blind‘ that help you deal with the imaginary world in a profoundly sensual way. Again, this is a tool for promoting clarity of contact and effortlessness in how the body processes experience into behavior. The vocabulary and technique of achieving this overall state of release evolves into an ensemble project – allowing the actor, for the first time, to consider relationships, circumstances, and character. The teacher continually invites you to release tension and idiosyncratic habits so that less and less clutter stands between you and the imaginary world.

Over time, you change the association with contact from something to be avoided, to something to be embraced.  As a group, the ensemble reflects on their discoveries and experiences and are assisted in articulating what is positive about their journey. And what is challenging.  As the semester progresses, you are introduced to the most basic vocabulary of alignment, which will be further discussed in Movement III.

Twice a week Spring 2021