Movement I


The movement training at TK Studio provides a physical process that is experienced by the actor as an intuitive and organic journey.

Movement I begins to free you physically through a traditional foundation of the Williamson Technique. Through ensemble movement exercises that are easily accessible, you are supported to make contact with your environment and others – experiencing these things in a more personal way. You begins to sense the possibility that rich, spontaneous contact can happen without pushing, tension or habits getting in the way.

While you encounter the work of the core acting classes, the movement component provides a parallel vocabulary and medium for developing the physical side of this very emotional and physically demanding training. You begin to understand how the body responds to and participates in the sensory stimuli of the imaginary world.

This personal awareness is fundamental to the actor making progress physically and ultimately having an understanding of how the body supports the acting talent. Moreover, the actor grasps what it means to be free of tension and released.

Teachers: Mackian Bauman, Kana Sato, Natalie Shinnick
Prerequisites: None

See Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory

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