Kana Sato


Associate Movement Teacher

Kana Sato has been a professional in the fields of the performing arts and bodywork for over 20 years.

“The actor’s body should be like a tuning fork- in such a way that it will reverberate in response to another vibration in the room without effort; which can happen only when it’s free of tension and clutter.”

Kana Sato is an actor, dancer, physical performer, choreographer, and has been a member of the TKS Movement faculty since 2016. She has also taught at Maggie Flanigan Studio, Future Theatre Artists program at NYU, and LABrynth Theater Company’s Intensive Ensemble.

Kana hails from Sendai, Japan, and holds a BFA in Dance from California State University. As a contemporary dancer, she toured extensively for almost a decade with Shen Wei Dance Arts. Her physical and movement training extends beyond all dance forms with the exploration and practice of Yoga, Butoh, Gaga, the Alexander Technique, BMC, and the Feldenkrais Method. She is also a certified Pilates trainer as well as a practitioner of the ancient Japanese bodywork, Kenbiki.

After studying the Meisner Technique with Terry Knickerbocker at William Esper Studio and having continued deepening her craft in his masterclass, Kana was fortunate to integrate her two passions, movement and acting. Mentored by Nathan Flower and Julia Crockett, she gained deeper insights into the work of the Williamson Technique and other pedagogies. She has also studied with Maggie Flanigan, Fay Simpson, Ted Morin, Jean-Rene Toussaint, Lenard Petit, and Per Brahe.

In New York City, she has performed with Julia Crockett & Group and the Virago Theater. Her theater credits also include performances at  Lincoln Center, and New Ohio Theatre.

When Kana is not advocating for the actor’s body to be an extraordinary vessel for extraordinary storytelling, she enjoys exploring the world with her toddler along with hiking, biking, and surfing.