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Terry Knickerbocker Studio, a Brooklyn acting school, is proud to serve as an evergreen resource for all, whether in person in one of our classes or via our online articles. This acting blog is intended to help actors work towards an understanding of acting and other performance techniques (including the Meisner technique), to encourage learning, and to help them reach their potential.

The Official Voice for TK Studio News and Updates

Each one of these articles is authored by key stakeholders in the TKS Community and are vetted and contributed to by Studio Director Terry Knickerbocker. They contain both our teaching philosophies as well as concrete strategies to help actors improve their skills.
Of course, while we aim to provide as much value as possible in each article, there’s only so much we can teach in a blog post. If you have an interest in learning more about training at our acting studio through a class, program, or our acting conservatory, please visit Programs & Classes or contact us for more information.

We love hearing from our community, and strive to be one of the best blogs for actors interested in improving their craft. So, if there’s a specific topic you’d like to learn more about, drop us a note below. Happy learning!

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