Wondering what some of our TKS Actors are up to? 

Meet the cast and creatives behind REMEMBER YOU MUST DIE, a new workshop presentation premiering Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th. This production features Justin Ciminio, Yuka Taga, Jacob Burruby, Emmanuel Mendez, Carrie Fleming, and Morgan Chewbee.

JUSTIN CIMINO (Clown Faculty)

Justin Cimino
received his BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. As an actor, he has performed Off-Broadway and in many other productions in NYC. Justin teaches acting and movement in the BFA Acting Program, and acting in the Commercial Dance Program, at Pace University. He has directed and taught clowning and devising at NYU Tisch, Columbia University, The Studio/NY, The Public’s Shakespeare Initiative, Terry Schreiber Studio, Smashworks Dance Company, and Terry Knickerbocker Studio, where he has built out Clown and devising levels I-IV. Justin is the former Artistic Director of Zara Aina, a nonprofit organization that brings devised theater and clowning to at-risk youth and adults in Madagascar and the United States. Justin has devised and directed several productions for his theater company Pigeonholed, of which he is the Founder and Artistic Director. Justin is a recipient of a SU-CASA grant from the Queens Council on the Arts, for which he devised an original theater piece with senior citizens, and he has devised and directed hybrid clown//dance for TheaterLab’s Hotel New Works Residency and for The Tank’s LadyFest. 

“One of my favorite things about TKS is the fact that I am often in class with students and watching their inspiring work and thinking, “My God, I can’t wait til they have finished the program and are out working in the industry and I can get the chance to work on something with them–to direct them, to have them as an artistic collaborator.”




YUKU TAGA (Class of ’22)

Yuka Taga
is a Japanese-American actor from New York City. They are a proud graduate of Terry Knickerbocker Studio. Yuka and their clown Aah is “super-freaking-stoked” to share the meaningful work created in Remember You Must Die.

“TKS is the place where I plowed the soils of the ground I walk as an artist. Everything I know today stems from the tools gifted to me during my time here. My favorite memory is simply, all of it!”

JACOB BURRUBY (Class of ’22)

Jacob Burruby, also known as Clementine, lives in upstate New York.

“The studio and all the trainings are with me everyday, whether I’m acting or just out in life. It has shaped me to be a better Actor, Father, & Human. The community is even there after graduation and my friendships will last forever. I will be forever grateful for the safe creative space Terry & the whole staff has created where artists can just be true to themselves. Working with Justin in clown has invited me to really tap into who I am and what my essence is. Honored to be part of this show Justin created. Love you Brother!”



EMMANUEL MENDEZ (Class of ’22)

Mannie is a Florida born actor who moved to New York in 2020 to pursue acting.

“At the studio I fell in love with the clown class where I was able to really hone in on what it means to feed your inner child.”

CARRIE FLEMING (Class of ’23)

Carrie is an insatiably curious actor. She gathers up lived stories that include her family in Jamaica, growing up in the Southwest, and exploring her craft in Los Angeles and NYC. All of the places and people she’s intersected with nourish her inspiration as an artist. 

“Community is vital to me as an actor and I’m grateful to have found such amazing artists at this studio that I hope to both collaborate with and share life with for years to come.”

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