Voice & Speech II

In Voice & Speech II, actors continue to develop awareness and freedom as they increase flexibility and variety in their speaking voice. Supported through voice exercises to increase breath capacity, actors learn to play in the upper resonators of their bodies. Through the practice of arm, leg, and full-body swings students become familiar with the sensations of greater physical release in preparation for roles of greater physical, emotional and vocal demand. Students springboard on the power and momentum of their free voices into a focus on freeing the lips and tongue, the primary articulators of speech, to convey the infinite multitude of thoughts and feelings with clarity and specificity.


Matthew Dudley


Voice & Speech I


24 Classes
Class is twice a week for 2 hours
Winter Term: Class starts in February and runs for 12 weeks

Spring Term: Class starts in May and runs for 12 weeks


See Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory

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