Matthew Dudley

Director of Voice & Speech

Matthew Dudley​ is a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, a Certified Colaianni instructor, a Meisner trained actor and voice-over artist.

The result of this way of training one's voice will be the development of an actor who is in direct connection with their emotional impulses, who's voice is free and responsive and strong and tender and can reveal the depth and breadth of any imaginary given circumstances.

Matthew Dudley​ is a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, a Certified Colaianni Speech instructor, a Meisner trained actor and voice-over artist. He currently teaches Neutral American Speech at the Actors Studio Drama School MFA program at Pace University and is the Director of Voice and Speech at Terry Knickerbocker Studio. He has taught voice and speech at Playwrights Horizons Theater School /NYU Tisch School of The Arts; Experimental Theatre Wing / NYU Tisch School of the Arts; The Linklater Center; Maggie Flanigan Studio; The Actor’s Studio, New York; The Wooster Group Summer Institute, and HB Studios. Corporate workshop coaching includes The World Economic Forum and Columbia Business School Senior Executive Program. He is available for individual and ensemble coaching.


Learn more about working with Matt in our blog piece: “Taking Voice at TKS Changed Me as a Human, Actor, and Speaker.”

Hear From Our Students

Matthew is just so brilliant. He’s a brilliant teacher and a brilliant soul. It was awesome to work with him.

– Michael S.



Matthew is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life – in any curriculum. He’s just a wonderful guy. He’s a walking, living genius.

– Dylan M.

Conservatory Student

“He makes the work feel accessible and helps us take ourselves a little less seriously when we get in our heads….”


I’ve had an amazing experience in Voice with Matthew Dudley. He’s helped me pinpoint physical habits I have that not only interfere with my voice but also with my power as an actor (learning how to be still and sure as opposed to “leaking” energy). I remember in Voice I reading “A Poem to My Voice” was really powerful and the first time I think I felt how seriously I could be taken. I’ve also seen really tremendous breakthroughs in my classmates. I was really moved by her discovering a true need and desire to communicate and watching her has been illuminating to me.

Matthew’s demeanor in class is gentle but direct, often tailored to what each particular student needs. He’s patient but strongly motivating and clear. His sense of humor is also really awesome because I think the concept of voice and speech as an actor can be intimidating at first. He makes the work feel accessible and helps us take ourselves a little less seriously when we get in our heads. The sound and movement exercise has also been really useful for me to find clarity in my instrument and connection between my body and my voice. It’s something I think I would have been too timid or embarrassed to participate in a year ago. But the energy of the class has always been incredibly encouraging. An overall amazing experience and I think useful, not only for the technical aspect but the emotional aspect as well!

– Schuyler Q.



“Matthew is focused and gets work done….”


Matthew is focused and gets work done. He has a joyful spirit and also knows that there is a lot to be done and goes at a nice steady pace to accomplish things. During one-on-one work, he coaches in a way that pushes us hard and leads to us getting out of our comfort zones and seeing what we are capable of.

– Laura O.