Transformative Work + Success w/ Terry Knickerbocker Studio

Terry Knickerbocker Talks about art and success with Industry City's Kendall Tichner.

Why Terry is the “Go-To” for Meisner Training

Tk Tribe members talk about their work.

Terry Talks: In Conversation with Movement Director Nathan Flower

October 3, 2017

Movement Director Nathan Flower and Terry Knickerbocker talk about Movement for Actors and how the performance aspect of the curriculum supports the students' growth.

Terry Knickerbocker and his Philosophy on Acting Classes in NYC

Terry Knickerbocker Talks about his philosophy on Acting, classes, and Meisner Training.

Kendrick Merdani: Terry Knickerbocker and the Importance of Meisner

Associate Meisner teacher Kendrick Merdani talks about life, art, Meisner, and everything Terry Knickerbocker Studio.

Alberto Bonilla: “The Moment I Discovered Terry Knickerbocker.”

Third Year Program Director Alberto Bonilla describes the first time he became aware of Terry Knickerbocker and what he could do for actors.

Kana Colla: “Why I Study with Terry.”

Associate Teacher of Movement Kana Colla talks about her acting journey with Terry Knickerbocker.

Kendrick Merdani: “Why I Work With Terry.”

Associate Meisner teacher Kendrick Merdani talks about why he continuously chooses to work with Terry Knickerbocker.

Pandora Scooter: “Terry’s Impact on his students.”

Theater History, Script Analysis, Solo-Show Writing teacher Pandora Scooter talks about Terry's impact and the growth she sees in her students because of him.

What’s it like to work with Terry Knickerbocker?

TK students talk about working with the best.

Watch Terry Knickerbocker in Action!

Terry Knickerbocker coaches a dramatic scene with TK Students Jenna Ciralli and Josh Ziegler.

Sam Rockwell and Terry Knickerbocker and…Impressions

Watch Terry Knickerbocker and Sam Rockwell goof around together at our Studio in Brooklyn. Michael Caine anyone?

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