Who Plays Majid in ‘Sex/Life’? Meet Darius Homayoun & Learn All About Him!

Who Plays Majid in ‘Sex/Life’? Meet Darius Homayoun & Learn All About Him!

FRI, 03 MARCH 2023 AT 8:08 PM BY: JustJared.com

Darius Homayoun is one of the hot new stars of Netflix’s hit series Sex/Life and he’s helping heat up season two! In season two of the show, Darius plays Billie’s new love interest Majid and he plays a major role throughout the arc of the season. Darius is a relative newcomer to the industry with Sex/Life being his 10th professional credit. He has previously been seen in shows like HBO’s Succession and Apple TV+’s Tehran.

Born in Dubai and of Iranian heritage, Darius was trained in New York City where he attended college at NYU.

“I first studied with Terry [Knickerbocker] when he was teaching at NYU, and I was a college student there. After college, I secured an agent and began auditioning. After a series of unsuccessful auditions, my agent said that I needed more training, which I did not want to hear. But she recommended that I continue with Terry, who was then teaching with William Esper. I enrolled in a two-year training course with Terry, and my career was enhanced immediately. When Terry subsequently opened the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, I enrolled in several master classes there, and I now turn to Terry for coaching on every part that I play,” he said.