Sam Rockwell Wins the Oscar (and thanks TK)

Sam Rockwell wins a much deserved Oscar Award for his performance in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, and thanks long time collaborator and friend Terry Knickerbocker along the way. Congratulations Sam.

Viola Davis: Sam RockwellThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.


Announcer: This is the first Oscar and nomination for Sam Rockwell.


Sam Rockwell: Wooo. Alright. Yaayyyy. Run that clock Jimmy. I wanna get that skijet or whatever that was. I’d like to thank The Academy. Never thought I’d say those words. Willem Dafoe. Richard Jenkins. Christopher Plummer. Woody Harrelson. You guys rock! You inspire me. And you always have.


When I was eight years old I was called into the principles office and my father was looking very sullen. And he said, “we gotta go cause grandma.” We got in the car and I said, uh, “whats wrong with grandma?” And he said, “Nothing. We’re going to the movies.” My mom and dad’s love of movies became my love of movies. So thank you for that mom and dad. I love you. Thank you to the formidable Frances McDormand. We’re at the convention Frances! The fantastic Woody Harrelson. You` guys are my heroes. The rest of this incredible cast and crew. The incredible, Fox Searchlight. Everyone involved in Three Billboards. Anyone who’s ever looked at a billboard. Uhh… Martin McDonagh, I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for you. I wanna do ten other movies with you. I love you. Rhonda. Alice. Jason. Liz Mahoney. Liz Himelstain. Terry Knickerbocker. All my good friends. And my beloved Leslie Bibb. You light my fire baby. I love you.


This is for my old buddy Phil Hoffman. For my old buddy Phil Hoffman.