Career Essentials

How To Be A Successful Working Actor

You’ve received acting training in the Meisner Technique for two years at TK Studio. You’ve received your BFA in Acting from a university conservatory. You’ve earned your MFA in acting from a top school. You’ve got the training. You’ve got the “theory”, but it’s time to put that theory into practice, to enter into a new, practical training.

Career Essentials at TK Studio serves to help the actor transition from the acting classroom to the rehearsal room or to the film or television set. Students come out of their training programs all the time and find the road from training actor to working actor unfinished. Career Essentials will support you to build that road, to pave your way, helping you answer the questions, “How do I become a successful working actor?” and, ultimately, “How do I have an acting career?”

Career Essentials comprises several practicums. What is a practicum? See here:


Noun a course in which theory is put into practice, a practical training



Our main Practicum is the Film and TV Industry Practicum, and it focuses on acting for the camera, and learning the business and industry of acting. 

It covers the essentials of acting on camera which includes making adjustments from acting on stage, how the camera comes to you and watches you think, understanding framing, and even appropriate onset behavior.

It covers the essentials of the business and the industry, making you the CEO of your own business. Do you need an agent or manager to get started? Or can you just self-submit on actorsaccess? We will cover auditioning skills, self-taping and turning around work fast, how to know what headshot works for you, websites, and reels. 

Together we will research and dissect the material you will be working on–from network TV to podcasts to streaming shows—-and you’ll figure out where your character fits in the story.

Perhaps most important of all, we will help you identify your niche and own your “sweet spot” in the industry. What makes you unique? What kinds of material light you up? What are you not? What’s your elevator pitch, who are you?

In the Film and TV Industry Practicum we will cover all of this, and with special guest speakers working in the industry sharing their insights  — agents, managers, casting directors — you will be equipped to show up for an audition or on a set ready to work.


Other Practicums will provide supplementary training, covering other advanced training methods and techniques, including Voiceover, Acting for Commercials, and the Actor/Director Relationship. Look for these to be announced in Winter/Spring 2023. 

The Film and TV Industry Practicum, and all Career Essentials Practicums, are open to graduates of the Two Year Conservatory Program at TK Studio, as well as students from outside the Studio, provided they have a comparable foundational acting training. 


How to Be A Successful Working Actor

Career Essentials

How to Be A Successful Working Actor

Career Essentials

Learn To Be A Successful Working Actor


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