Pandora Scooter: “Terry’s Impact on his students.”

Theater History, Script Analysis, Solo-Show Writing teacher Pandora Scooter talks about Terry’s impact and the growth she sees in her students because of him.

Interviewer: “How do you see Terry’s role in the growth of his students?”

Terry Knickerbocker Faculty Member Pandora Scooter: “His inspiration for these students, I mean the way that he inspires them and the way that he guides them through the Meisner training is excellent. In advance script analysis we do a lot of acting. I see throughout the course of the semester the changes that happen in the actors as they’re going through and dealing with Spoon Rivers, and character work, and you know nursery rhymes and all of that… stuff in their scene work. Their admiration for him, their respect for their openness to him, you know, it’s just so, you know, apparent and lovely. I absolutely see this, you know, this transformation that happens in students from uh, you know, the beginning of second year through the end of second year.”