Kana Sato: “Why I Study with Terry.”

Associate Teacher of Movement Kana Sato talks about her acting journey with Terry Knickerbocker.

Kana Sato (Associate Movement Teacher): “I met Terry when I applied to study with him for two years at [another] studio. When I applied I wanted to study with him not with other teachers because I had a friend that studies with him and she was like, “he’s incredible.” He would be able to put my feelings into words before I can, or before I could. That was like almost like seeing through a mirror that you’ve never seen in, looked into before so that was terrifying, but also exciting. I was like, “wow he really knows what I am about without, you know, getting to know him.” So… and then I was like, “wow I would love to study with him.” So that was the beginning of our journey.”