Most people have a lot of regret in life

But you’re not most people, are you?

We get it: it takes a lot of guts to go for your dream. That’s why most people don’t pursue the best acting training, don’t invest in their gifts, don’t stretch their perspective, and don’t catapult their career. If that’s you, that’s understandable.
Feel free to stay where you are.

But if you are that somebody who chooses to chase with their dreams and change their life (it’s really hard!), apply to join our TKS Community. 

With strikes ongoing, there’s not a better time to train than right now. Get your instrument sharp in our Spring Acting Intensive and get ready to get back to work.

acting training
acting training
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acting training

Which acting classes should I take to dive back into the work at a deep level?

In our Spring TKS Acting Intensive, you will dive into specificity and leave generalization behind. 

Intensives offer the students the opportunity to develop and nurture foundational acting skills rooted in the Meisner technique, Movement training, and Voice & Speech work. For 4-5 days and 15 hrs per week, intensive students live and breathe acting, gaining expertise in:

  • listening on a profoundly deep level
  • improvising with a partner from moment to moment
  • accessing a range of emotions
  • tapping into and expanding their imaginations
  • discovering how to form a rich, truthful and personal connection to imaginary circumstances and scene work
  • exploring themselves as an acting instrument and a human being

If you are wondering “what are the best acting classes for a quick brush-up on the craft?,” then this is for you. 
 In 2024, gain an edge in the industry & train where acting pros train.

Image of Terry Knickerbocker speaking to students.

Now Or Never

Join the TKS Community and Become a Confident Actor for the Rest of Your Life.

Now Or Never

Join the TKS Community and Become a Confident Actor for the Rest of Your Life.