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Contributed with curiosity by Staff Writer and Two Year Conservatory Graduate Student Lucia Sawh

In between running an acting conservatory, spending time with his family, and teaching classes to over 125 students this year, Terry Knickerbocker still manages to stay current and feed his soul on topics from spirituality and mental health, to fiction and today’s events. Subscribing to over 200 podcasts, here are Terry’s Podcast recommendations for 2018.

Podcasts on: Being Mindful

On Being with Krista Tippet: This podcast poses questions on how we want to live our lives, who will we be to each other, and choosing curiosity over fear. “Krista is a deep person who has spacious conversations with special people – spiritual leaders, artists, and other people of faith. I’m always surprised by the breadth of her interviews. They really settle me down and inspire me to think about important things. There’s an unedited 1.5 hour and edited 1 hour show for each episode. Some of my favorite episodes include Marie Popova, Mary Oliver, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s interviews.” -Terry Knickerbocker


The One You Feed: Tap into your spirituality with inspiring conversations about the most meaningful dimensions of existence. Often thought-provoking, this podcast invites you to take personal responsibility in order to create a life worth living. Topics range from mental health, psychedelic drugs, nature, love, psychology, to masculinity. This podcast challenges us to asses whether we are feeding our “good wolf” or our “bad wolf”.



The Daily is a New York Times’ produced 20-minute news rundown, bringing a human face to current events. “It is essential for an actor to know what’s going on in the world. The Daily it also gives us a lot to think about and can inspire meaning in the work. It’s a great tool to help an actor particularize. [The Daily] is great in-depth reporting about the world we live in and offers material to make work out of.” Recent episodes include an interview with an immigrant mother about the border, the opioid crisis and the company who provided the nation those opioids by sophisticated advertising campaigns, and the #Metoo movement.


Code Switch is an NPR podcast hosted solely by journalists of color that discuss challenges and perspectives from POC on everything from how Anthony Bourdain was a champion for communities of color to disturbing stories of racial discrimination in America’s history. “Code Switching itself is about how minorities switch the way the speak according to who they’re speaking with, from Obama to Key & Peele, which I find fascinating. It gives me a look at the inside and outside of what life is like for our marginalized communities.”



Podcasts on: Interesting Humans You Want to Know More About

Take a journey into the lives and experiences of actors, directors, musicians, and performers with intimate interviews. Stylistically, Marc Maron, Sam Jones, and Alec Baldwin approach their interviews quite differently. Marc, takes a more in-your-face approach often challenging his guests, similar to Alec’s sassy yet intelligent conversations, while Sam tends to be more easy going and soft spoken. You can also find clips of Off Camera interviews on YouTube. Some of Terry’s favorite episodes include:


WTF by Marc Maron:  A veritable who’s who for culture, politics, comedy, and music are among the amazing long-form interviews with off-beat stand-up comedian and actor Marc Maron. Great conversations and a huge source of inspiration. Some of Terry’s favorite episodes include interviews with Keith Richards, President Obama, Sissy Spacek, Tracey Letts.




Off Camera with Sam Jones: Sam Jones is a great interviewer with makes this podcast essential listening for the serious actor. Some of Terry’s favorite episodes include interviews with Alison Brie, Rachel Brosnahan, Emmy Rossum, Holly Hunter, Sam Rockwell.




Actor Ceo LogoActor CEO: Host Mike Moreno helps make the business of acting practical with great tips and suggestions for taking hold of your career. This podcast features an interview with Terry, which you can find here, as well as former TK Faculty member, Elizabeth Inghram on their experiences in growing within the industry, and following your heart.




Here’s the Thing: Host Alec Baldwin goes deep in his inimitable way with smart conversations with artists, musicians, politicians–truly great. Some of Terry’s favorite episodes include interviews with Sofia Coppola, Cameron Crow, Dustin Hoffman.





Podcasts on: Peak Performance


tim-ferris-podcast-terry-knickerbocker-studioTim Ferris: This podcasts challenges you to ask yourself how you arrange for a more successful life by discussing topics such as procrastination and setbacks. “I like that Tim Ferris is a go-getter, and in this podcast he tries to find the common threads of habits, behaviors, and mindsets of successful people such as Navy Seal Jocko Willink, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.”




Art of Charm: This one is a hit or miss for Terry, but can offer advanced social skills training for performers. The Art of Charm shares advice on improving yourself in areas such as perfectionism, conflict resolution, and first impressions.




Podcasts on: True Stories and Investigative Journalism


Empire on Blood exposes the harrowing story behind a man’s false double homicide conviction from the early 90s, and gives us a glimpse of what life was like in the Bronx.





S-Town, which had Terry on the edge of his seat, is a about an Alabama clock worker and troubled genius named John who called upon the team at This American Life to investigate an alleged murder in his hometown of Woodstock, Alabama.




Serial, is an Emmy Award winning podcast also brought to you by This American Life, which centers each season on a true crime story, told in the style of a television episodic.




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