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“With your fellow actors and the audience, you’re trying to make a little better sense of the funny, scary, bewildering, business of being alive.”

– Terry Knickerbocker

The TKActing Blog is updated regularly to showcase acting news, film acting, theatre acting, audition tools, and inspiring advice for actors. Since starting our acting school in Industry City, Brooklyn, we continue to discover our students thriving in deeper ways. Terry Knickerbocker Studio champions the truest sense of camaraderie, passion, and commitment to the craft of acting. Check back regularly for all things TK.

Terry’s Podcast Picks for Actors

Oct 16, 2018

Contributed with curiosity by Staff Writer and Two Year Conservatory Graduate Student Lucia Sawh In between running an acting conservatory, spending time with his family, and teaching classes to over 125 students this year, Terry Knickerbocker still manages to stay current and feed his soul on topics from spirituality and mental health, to fiction and today’s […]

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Training Towards Excellence in Acting: A Lifelong Journey

Oct 10, 2018

Contributed with humility by Second Year Student Allison Spence Brown   I can admit it: As a kid growing up in Missouri, I held a misguided notion that to be an actor you didn’t need to train.   Yes, I thought, some actors were more skilled than others. But didn’t it all boil down to luck? […]

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How can I get into acting with no experience?

Oct 10, 2018

Contributed with humor by Second Year Student Allison Spence Brown Do you consider yourself a “Non-Actor”?  Great! You’re in the perfect place to learn how to act, even if you don’t consider yourself an actor.   Yet…   A little bit of backstory on yours truly: Growing up, acting wasn’t my bag. I was all about sports–basketball. I joined […]

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