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“With your fellow actors and the audience, you’re trying to make a little better sense of the funny, scary, bewildering, business of being alive.”

– Terry Knickerbocker

The TKActing Blog is updated regularly to showcase acting news, all things Meisner Technique, film acting, theatre acting, audition tools, and inspiring advice for actors. Since starting our acting school in Industry City, Brooklyn, we continue to discover our students thriving in deeper ways. Terry Knickerbocker Studio champions the truest sense of camaraderie, passion, and commitment to the craft of acting. Check back regularly for all things TK.

Utilizing Feng Shui at Meisner Acting Studio, Terry Knickerbocker and Andie SantoPietro: Part 2

Sep 13, 2017

In this series, we’ve talked about Terry Knickerbocker Studio’s new space. Located in the heart of Sunset Park’s bustling Industry City space, the studio combines the clean lines of contemporary design with the wisdom of Feng Shui Expert/Author Andie Santo Pietro. Andie and Terry’s goal in building and designing the space has always been to […]

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Terry Knickerbocker and Feng Shui Master Andie SantoPietro: Utilizing Feng Shui at Meisner Acting Studio, Part 1

Aug 23, 2017

Staff writer Russell Sperberg interviews Terry Knickerbocker on how he created an authentic & holistic sanctuary for his students in his Meisner studio located in Industry City, Brooklyn. Terry Knickerbocker Studio is not unlike other spaces in Sunset Park’s Industry City complex. Tall ceilings, large windows, and an unmistakable buzz of energy abound. But what’s […]

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5 Steps to Authentic Living As An Artist

Jul 17, 2017

Artists can adopt simple routines that can shape an authentic lifestyle and improve one’s craft. Download your free guide on Terry Knickerbocker’s best strategies.

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