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“With your fellow actors and the audience, you’re trying to make a little better sense of the funny, scary, bewildering, business of being alive.”

– Terry Knickerbocker

The TKActing Blog is updated regularly to showcase acting news, film acting, theatre acting, audition tools, and inspiring advice for actors. Since starting our acting school in Industry City, Brooklyn, we continue to discover our students thriving in deeper ways. Terry Knickerbocker Studio champions the truest sense of camaraderie, passion, and commitment to the craft of acting. Check back regularly for all things TK.

Particularization in Your Acting

Jan 07, 2019

Contributed with hindsight by 2nd Year student Allison Spence Brown Actors shouldn’t “Use it” in their particularization. But what does “Using It” Mean?   Let’s say you’re going through a tough time. Your mother is very ill and you are an emotional wreck, wracked with worry, sadness, guilt and panic. Now let’s pretend that while […]

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Why do actors work with the same people over and over again?

Nov 12, 2018

Contributed with love by 2nd Year Conservatory Student Allison Spence Brown   I’m just going to jump right in and say it: There’s a reason that some actors continually work with the same person.   You expedite the process of getting comfy with one another. You rely on the fact that your chemistry is already […]

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Ways to Keep a Beginner’s Mindset When It Comes to Your Acting

Nov 12, 2018

Contributed with wisdom by 2nd Year Student Allison Spence Brown   A beginners mindset is imperative to excellence in all art forms. In acting, it ultimately creates more flexible, playful, and compelling performances. But what does a “beginner’s mindset” mean? And how do we retrain our brains to function in this way?   To me, […]

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