Watch Terry Knickerbocker in Action!

Terry Knickerbocker coaches a dramatic scene with TK Students Jenna Ciralli and Josh Ziegler.

(Terry Knickerbocker coaches TK Actors Jenna Ciralli and Josh Zirger through a scene from Sam Shepard’s “Fool for Love”.)

Josh: I kept thinking about you the whole time I was driving. I kept seeing you. sometimes just a part of you.

Jenna: Which part?

Terry: This is a bullshit line. This is bullshit line. This is a guy at a bar trying to pick you up.

Jenna: Was this before or after your little affair with the countess?

Josh: There wasn’t any fling the Countess.

Jenna: You’re a liar.

Terry: That’s a fact.

Jenna: I’m onto you, your a liar. you are bumping her on a regular basis don’t give me that shit. Terry: Use the bumping and the basis those two words…

Jenna: You are BUMPING her on a regular BASIS. Don’t you give me that shit.

Josh: You can believe whatever you want.

Terry: I’ll take a Lie detector test.

Josh: Strap me up…You can believe whatever you want.

Jenna: No, you know I’ll believe the truth it’s less confusing.

Terry: Who won?

Jenna: I won.

Terry: Yeah.

Jenna. I know the truth.I will believe the truth it is less confusing.

Josh: Mae.Mae.Mae.Mae.Mae…I got everything worked out.

Terry: What do you mean everything?

Josh: I’ve got eeeeeverything worked out.I, I, I’ve been thinking about it for weeks.

Terry: Get Closer.

Josh: I’ve been thinking about it. I’m, I’m gonna move that trailer. And then I’m gonna build some pipe corral.

Terry: This is all for her.

Josh: And then I’m going to build some pipe corral to keep the horses in. And have a HUGE vegetable garden.

Terry: This is all shit she loves. She loves horses and vegetables.

Jenna: Ni I don’t.

Terry: That’s what he thinks.

Jenna: (Laughs)

Josh: No, I’m gonna build a pipe corral to keep the horses in and we’ll have a huge vegetable garden…

Terry: And cucumbers and avocado.

Josh: And maybe some chickens.

Jenna: No I hate chickens! I hate horses, I hate all that shit! You know that!

Terry: What the fuck is his problem?

Jenna: You are unbelievable.

Terry: He’s amazing.

Jenna: Oh, he’s…He’s amaz… You are unbelievable.

Josh: I’m not letting go of you this time Mae.

Terry: Make a promise.

Josh: I am not letting go of you this time Mae!

Terry: This time, I’m here for good.

Josh: I am not letting go of you this time Mae.

Jenna: How many times have you done this to me?

Josh: What? What?

Terry: Is he stupid?

Jenna: Suckered me in some dumb fantasy and then drop me like a hot rock.

Josh: It is no fantasy.

Jenna: It is all a fantasy.

Josh: And I never dropped you either. And why’d you have to go run off on me anyways?

Terry: It’s her fucking problem.

Josh: Why’d you have to go run off on me anyway!?

Jenna: (Laughing) Run off? Me?

Terry: Who did the running?

Jenna: You did the running, buddy. Run off? Me?

Josh: Yeah.

Terry: It’s her fault.

Josh: Yes!

Jenna: Well what do you think it’s like sitting in a tin trailer from weeks with the wind ripping through it? Sitting around waiting for the butane to arrive. Hiking down to the laundry mat in the rain.

Terry: Who left you there.

Jenna: He left me.

Terry: He abandoned you there.

Jenna: You think that’s trilling of something? Really? Do you think it’s thrilling? Huh?

Terry: You can’t win here man. You can’t win.

(Scene stops. Terry Knickerbocker talks to both actors about their experience in the scene)

Terry: Tell me what’s feeling secure and what’s feeling a little elusive.

Josh: I really like finding different ways to say this. The message is the same, but finding different ways. But.. you know, when you were talking about tactics. I kind of feel okay. I’m not sure what my… my objective was to win her back, but I’m not sure if it should also be to reinforce that I can win her back because, I don’t know if I’m gonna leave again.

Terry: No. Well, you don’t want to. You ave a mystical… you have a mystical connection to each other.

Josh: Yeah
Terry: You know this thing that happened. She’s your half sister.

Josh: Yeah

Terry: And. I mean, you didn’t even know where she was. You travelled here in a car, and your car is like ET. Brought you 2490 mile to her. You didn’t have an address. You just went where your car was and where it ended up was this place. Right.

Josh: Yeah

Terry: So you’re, you’re bound together forever. It’s, It’s mystical. And It’s the same for you and what’s missing for me… I’m getting you going after her and I’m getting you rejecting him. I’m getting the hurt and I’m getting the dismissal.

Jenna: Yeah.
Terry: But it’s not clear that underneath that you’re also a fool for love. I don’t wanna do this again because I get in and I want you and then you rip it out of me and I’m bleeding. So I gotta say no.

Jenna: So painful.

Terry: But it’s just too much. I can’t do it anymore. I gotta grow up. I rather be a cook with a boring boyfriend than do this crazy thing that I do with you cause you just leave me ripped to shreds every time.

Jenna: So is my objective really to kick him out?

Terry: I think you have to get rid of him.

Jenna: Okay.

Terry: You have to get rid of him and the obstacle is that you might be getting rid of the very thing that makes life real and whole. The best times that you’ve ever had in your life are with him. And the worst.