Why Terry Knickerbocker? Former Students discuss working with the Meisner expert.

Terry Knickerbocker Studio is currently enrolling for the Meisner Summer Intensive.

Or are you ready to jump into the Two Year Conservatory? We thought so.



Video Transcription: Student A: Terry is…the strongest teacher you could get, when you really don’t know. You know
you have all these ideas and feelings in this and that but it’s like, you know, he makes it super
Student B: This guy just really cares about the students and just teaches a class with so much
love and just wanting the best for you.
Student C: He’s very patient, extremely patient. There are many many times in class when he
simply could have, you know, told me… he could have turned his back on me he could’ve
walked away.
Student D: Every time I would do something fake he would call me on it over and over again on
Heather: There were times when I just thought how the hell did he know that.
Kana Soto: And it’s kind of scary because you feel so vulnerable.
Student E: The way that Terry was able to do it was sign on the list and so forward and blunt
but at the same time with loving and caring.
Student F: His feedback was different for everybody which at first sometimes you go wait but I
did that last week why is this person getting different feedback but then you realize that’s
because everybody’s different.
Student G: He doesn’t so much as teach as he…it’s a collaborative effort and he’s working with
Student H: The camaraderie that develops with your classmates going through that life
Student I: You could feel it in the room feel everyone growing and feel everyone working hard
Student J: I, I wanted to bring out everything he was challenging me way.
Devon: Like I just wanted to be the best you know I just want to be the best actor, just want to
train the hardest and be the best…and never forget him saying so softly and tenderly “
Devon,don’t work so hard.”
Student K: He’s all about being human and getting to know that humanity and you
Student L: Through the understanding of humanity you become an actor
Student M: Some of the most fun I’ve ever had was working with him and it was really exciting
to pushed me to grow
Student N: He invited mine and my colleagues best work out of us
Student O: Yeah I love it. I like want more. I wanna… yeah. I like don’t want to stop studying
with them.
Sam Falconi: It’s such an adventure. It’s such an adventure. Like, yeah, it’s just this crazy

Student P: It’s been the best two years of my life. For sure. And that’s thanks to Terry. So