Summer Intensive

Six Weeks of Foundational Meisner Training in Brooklyn, NY

Planting the Seeds for Authentically Impulsive Acting – A Six Week Meisner Experience

* Classes run July 15th-August 31st!

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Summer Intensive Training For Adult Actors


Spark your desire to study authentic acting for adults (18 years of age and over) with our Summer Intensive in Meisner Technique, Movement, and Voice & Speech. This summer acting program will help actors of all levels grow and connect with the actor they have always longed to become. Over the course of six weeks, Summer Intensive acting students will begin to develop core acting skills rooted in the Meisner Technique, Sanford Meisner‘s traditional sequence of improvisational exercises and basic scene work.

Summer Intensive students begin by learning how to listen deeply, respond truthfully, and express authentic emotional life under rich imaginary circumstances.


The Best Summer Acting Program in N.Y.C.


When Terry Knickerbocker started acting, directing, and coaching over thirty years ago, he knew that he wanted to teach his students the ways of Sanford Meisner through a variety of acting, voice, and movement classes.

Over the years, Terry has helped coach and prepare actors for their career-defining roles in TV and film thanks to Meisner’s acting techniques. With our six-week-long Summer Intensive, you can learn from the best and receive the same coaching that helped launch the careers of Emmy Rossum, Sam Rockwell, Boyd Holbrooke and more.

Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn and this summer acting program will send you on your way to acquiring you the career-advancing skills that the entertainment industry is looking for in today’s actors. Join the best summer acting program in N.Y.C. today!


Goals of our Summer Intensive


At Terry Knickerbocker Studio, we will teach you how to get out of your head, tap into your emotions, and follow your instincts through the Meisner acting technique. During our six-week-long intensive, you will learn to access a range of emotions, discover how to develop a rich connection to imaginary circumstances and scene work, and explore yourself as an acting instrument.

Studying with Terry has helped actors across TV, film, and the stage find success and discover their own personal creativity, due to his expertise and emphasis on the importance of excellence and mastery of Sanford Meisner’s teachings.




  • Am I mindfully present in rehearsal?
  • How are the actors acting around me in this scene?
  • Do I care too much about what others think of my performance?
  • Am I holding back when I should be more spontaneous?
  • Am I forcing this emotion or am I acting in the moment?


Who Should Apply To The Terry Knickerbocker Summer Intensive?


At Terry Knickerbocker Studio we seek adult acting students who are committed to becoming the best actor they can be. Our ideal summer student is willing to explore our Meisner acting course methodology, develop new skills, and exceed their goals of personal and artistic integrity.

Enrolling in our unique Summer Intensive is the best way to grow your range as an actor while sampling the Terry Knickerbocker Studio curriculum and the Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory.


See What Our Students Are Saying


“Authentic & Compassionate”

  • “Terry’s approach to teaching can be summed up in two words: authentic and compassionate. Never having studied with Terry, I went through many anxieties and fears leading up to class. Within the first few minutes of class, I could tell he was kind, invested in us, and was on a mission to help us grow. The whole studio has an aura of growth.” – Julia B.


“I left his class with a broader view of the world”

  • “Terry’s insight, creativity and thoughtful analysis are why I feel Terry is at the top of his game, and will surely be getting even better. In class, Terry is a teacher, coach, director and trusted advisor, helping us find deeper, more specific meaning in our work and in ourselves. I left his acting class with a broader view of the world, a stronger understanding of our work and a better sense of myself as an artist.“ – Faron S.


“Unhinged and in raw form”

  • “I highly recommend Terry’s acting studio and this path if you aspire to be a true artist. My experience training with Terry has been a wake-up call of the heart. Terry encourages you to be who you are…unhinged and in raw form. He stands by the individual, cultivating a spirit and work ethic inside that is invaluable in artistry and every aspect of life itself. If you are reading this and are considering this path, you are already on it. This is where you come for the truth.” – Aaron H.

Summer Intensive

Conservatory Essentials

20 - 25 hours per week, including outside work

Acting Foundation

12-16 hours per week, including outside work

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