TKS Celebrates Notable Summer High School Faculty

Terry Knickerbocker Studio recently announced that all of the Summer High School Faculty members as Notable Faculty Members of the Semester, for the Summer and we wanted to honor and celebrate their hard work!

Congratulations #TKSFaculty Celestine Rae, Mackian Bauman, Kim Savarino, Justin Cimino, Dianna Cortez and Sakile Camara. The TKS Summer High School Program was an intensive two week program that took place at our studio in Brooklyn from July 12 to July 23, 2022. The students took a range of classes including Acting (Introduction to Meisner Technique), Movement, Voice, Clown and Creating Your Own Work. In addition to these core classes, students experienced unique Master Classes with esteemed teachers like Jurnee Smollett and Diana Oh. These six teachers jumped into the relative unknown with this new Program, and it was a rousing success—it was inspiring to see and hear how much the students enjoyed their classes–and working with these teachers.  Let’s hear what these six have to say about their experience working with the High School participants this Summer:

“Thank you so much for this honor. It means a lot to be included with the faculty for this inaugural high school program. It was a joy to work with the students and I am grateful to be a part of the beginning of something new and very special at the studio!”
“Thank you so much for the spotlight. It means a lot to be recognized. The Summer High School Program was such a joy to work with and has me excited for the future generation of actors and performers.
“It was a total joy to work with these curious, brave, and playful students. In a short period of time, they dove headfirst into the unknown, coming together as an ensemble to tell their stories and grow as artists and people — a beautiful experience to witness and be part of!”
“The students all spoke to feeling ‘free’, to ‘finding their voices’, to finding ‘confidence’, to ‘getting out of their heads and just doing’—these were the thrulines I encouraged us to promote in our classes, so—success! It was such a miracle that the students became such a supportive cohesive ensemble so quickly–that can no doubt be attributed to them, but no doubt also to these teachers, their teaching, their guidance in the classroom, their holding of space with the students.”
“The students at TK Studio were so mature and expressive. The Studio is truly cultivating artists!”
“ I could tell the environment created for the students was one of play, courage and creativity. I think the high school program will continue to thrive. I always left class feeling uplifted. The kids were great and getting to know the other faculty was fantastic as well!”
These teachers exemplify the commitment, the passion, and the dedication we want to see in our community. The students were lucky to have them, and so is the Studio!

Want to know more about our High School Program next year?