Kerri Lynn Miller on Meisner and Perfectionism


#TKActor and Spiritual Thought Leader Kerri Lynn Miller is a certified life coach and a successful Meisner actress working on shows such as Blue Bloods and Royal Pains. Later this month, Kerri will be giving a talk on “Overcoming Fear” at TK Studio to students and alumni.

Why did you choose Meisner Technique, and what was the process of training and working with Terry like?


After reading Sanford Meisner‘s book, I knew that Meisner was the technique I wanted to learn.  I landed myself in Terry’s class as an alternate. As an alternate, I was required to show up early for every class , work with Terry and the other alternate, and then stay the rest of the class to watch my peers work.

Terry was the most influential teacher that I have ever had.  Terry taught me how to let down my guard and be vulnerable enough to share who I really was.  He was the first person to call me out for being clever and for hiding.  His teaching brought new awareness into my life as well as my art.  Since graduating, I still maintain a relationship with Terry as a coach, mentor, and friend.  I am forever grateful that our paths crossed!


How do you continue to connect Meisner Technique with your work as an actor and Spiritual Thought Leader?


My work as a thought leader is grounded in my work as an actor.  The basic principles I learned with Terry of presence, curiosity, authenticity, and joy are the principles of what my company, Spiritual Unicorns, is based on.


What advice do you have for actors?

Let go of trying to get it right and just focus on the truth that comes up for you in every moment.


Describe what you mean when you talk about “Spiritual Unicorns”.


My company, Spiritual Unicorns, was developed after I became a CPC, certified professional coach. (life coach) The unicorn symbolizes a period in my life when I was younger.  (The time before I was conditioned by the adult world).  During this time, I was playful, present, curious and filled with joy. … I also had an imaginary pet unicorn.  It is my goal to inject those qualities into my client’s conditioned adult lives in an effort to interrupt thought patterns, limiting beliefs and assumptions so that they can begin to perceive their world/life circumstances in a different and more empowering way.


What inspires your creativity most & ignites passion for your craft?


Moments of ease and flow in my work.  Moments of connection that you lose yourself in.  Moments when I am free enough to express myself without caring what others think.  Those little moments leave me hungry for more of those moments.  I’m finding that the more I can do this in my daily life, the easier it becomes for me to do it in my art.  I guess life really does imitate art, or is it the other way around??


What has been one obstacle you’ve come up against as an artist – and how have you worked to overcome it?


Perfectionism.  I call myself a recovering perfectionist.  I still work every day, similar to the way an alcoholic watches over him or herself to prevent relapse. I maintain the same steadfast awareness of my own tendencies.  I believe it’s not about fixing things, but rather learning how to dance with them.  Awareness is the key to everything, once you know your story, or the message you give yourself, it’s easier to interrupt it and pivot in a new more empowering direction.

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Kerri Lynn Miller will be speaking to students at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio later this month on “Overcoming Fear” and the dangers of perfectionism.


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