Feng Shui and Meisner: The TK Tribe and Physical Space, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, staff writer Russel Sperberg has discussed the details of Terry Knickerbocker Studio. Located in the heart of Sunset Park’s bustling Industry City, the studio combines the clean lines of contemporary design with the wisdom of feng shui expert and author Andie SantoPietro. Andie and Terry’s goal in building and designing the space has always been to create a space that supports its students and staff. Here’s what its daily inhabitants have to say.


The TK Studio is filled with so much light and is so spacious. It’s such a refreshing contrast to the dark black box design of other schools and makes you want to spend all your time there. I always say the studio feels more like a home to the arts than an acting school. I particularly like the communal space because of how much sunlight pours in, the plants and the decor. The furniture is so inviting. It’s a great place to meet other students and mingle and make new friends.”

– Julia Barrett-Mitchell, Third Year Student



“What I take away the most from the design of the space are the senses of intention and economy. Everything is there for a reason – there are no redundant features present. To me this embodies some of the core Meisner philosophies. Don’t add anything that doesn’t serve a function. Initiate a relationship to the core of a subject, not the fringes.” – Henry Trueheart, Second Year Conservatory Student


“Fluorescent lighting and paper-thin, dirty walls can make a studio feel like a police precinct. It’s hard not to feel that as another hurdle. But Terry’s studio is like a modern dojo or a retreat designed for mindfulness and meditation. It reflects Terry’s way of teaching and what he teaches – a mindful pursuit of excellence.”

– Jonathan Cherr, First Year Conservatory Student



“I have on occasion looked to one or more of the masks for creative inspiration or even as a means of uncovering part of myself that may have been hidden in my unconscious. Some actors may not think that the space matters, but they’re wrong. Becoming a good actor requires surrounding oneself with as much inspiration from as many sources as possible. Terry teaches that to his students in his classes with his words and his actions, but one knows it every day just by stepping foot in his studio. I will forever love the way I feel at TKS!”

– William Paul, Alumni




“The space absolutely has had a psychological impact on me. It is important and essential for an actor/performer to be in a safe space, particularly when it is a space for learning and growing.”

– Roberto Aguilar, Alumni





“I think my favorite detail about the space is the little heart crystal that dangles in the main acting studio space. Mainly because it makes me feel how much Terry cares for the space and students and wants good energy to flow there. He is so meticulous, and seeing that there always makes me smile.”

– Laura Oberbeck, Third Year Student




Actor training requires trust, and an ability to face our fears. A safe feeling studio helps in that journey.


“I really appreciate the use of energy work in a space because it tells me that there has been care and thought put into the dynamics that need to live and flourish in that space, that there is a great respect for the energetic development that is taking place there. I find that not only comforting but relaxing because I know the people involved have respect for the art form.”

– Julia Botero, Alumni



“Working here is very comforting in a way I can’t quite explain. I’ve worked in quite a few offices, but I feel more at ease in this space than I have anywhere else.” – Kristan Brown, Studio Manager

Learn more about Andie and her influential work at www.andiesantopietro.com


Terry Knickerbocker Studio’s space is astoundingly unique, equaled only by the work being done here.


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