Third Year Program

The Actor as Artist and Entrepreneur

What Good Is All The Training In The World If You Don’t Know How To Find Work?

* Classes begin September 2018

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At the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, we firmly believe excellence leads to success. The selective Third Year Program prepares actors for the rigors of being a professional in the entertainment industry and includes classes in Film & TV, auditioning, voiceover, and cold reading. The program culminates in an audition-based digital showcase for qualified students, which is shared with top professionals in the industry.

The  Third Year Program prepares the actor for the demands of being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. We not only continue to nurture the artist’s needs but we also lay the foundation for their career. Today’s actor has to maintain their artistic identity while simultaneously running their own business. The ever-changing landscape of media (film, independent film, television, web series, shorts, theater, etc.) gives actors more chances to work. However, without a clear marketing plan and a strategic outlook, they run the risk of missing many of these opportunities.

The actor will explore and refine their brand as it pertains to the industry as a whole.  With a clear marketing strategy for film, television, web, and theater the actor will strategize an entrepreneurial plan for themselves while not losing sight of their artistic integrity and creative goals. 

The culmination of the Third Year Program is the Virtual Showcase created in Film & TV Level III. Students will finish with two custom-written, professionally shot scenes that are in line with their artistic “sweet spot” and their marketing strategy. The scenes, along with filmed monologues and personality slates, are compiled into an online showcase and shared with top industry professionals. This final showcase is by audition/invitation and only those actors who meet the studio’s standard of artistic excellence will be accepted into the final online showcase.

Third Year Program

Third Year Core Essentials

6 - 12 hours per week, including outside work

Other Courses

3-6 hours per week each, including outside work

Film & TV Level III

3-6 hours per week each

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