TKS + Hudson Valley Movement Co. : LIVE Movement Installation Performance

This Summer, Terry Knickerbocker Studio once again collaborates with Hudson Valley Movement Co. to showcase a series of Movement Installations entitled “Maximum Occupancy” – a live physical performance that is experiential, immersive and innovative.

The site-specific movement installations are spontaneously created in Courtyard 5/6 at Industry City during three consecutive weekends:

  • Saturday July 16, 2022 at 3pm
  • Saturday July 23, 2022 at 3pm
  • Friday July 29, 2022 at 6pm

Our versatile and changing movement ensemble is comprised of TKS Faculty, past and present acting students lead by TK Studio’s Head of Movement Nathan Flower along with TKS Faculty Movement Team Members – Kana Sato, Mackian Bauman and Natalie Shinnick. TKS Actors are encouraged to participate in our other movement event, “Summer Movement Jams” by signing up here.

The Movement training at Terry Knickerbocker Studio provides an intuitive and organic physical journey through self discovery and artistry. At times, there can be a misconception of what Movement classes for actors entail. Working out, yoga, and dance can come to mind. Instead, Movement for the Actor at TK Studio emphasizes personal experience and a commitment to discovery, authenticity, and the essential pursuit of contact, both physically and emotionally.

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Terry Knickerbocker Studio is a place for actors to commit to to being the best actor they can be.

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