Talks with Terry: Where should I travel?

In this three part series Terry Knickerbocker discusses the role of travel in his life and why it’s so important for actors to explore the world.

Where would you recommend actors visit?


I think it should be where their heart guides them. I would love to go to Bali – I’ve never been there. It feels like a magical place. China interests me. I think you should go to a place that is as different as possible, to make you feel a little uncomfortable just to think about it – without making it so uncomfortable that you won’t enjoy it. For instance my sister would never go to India- it’s just not her thing.


Everyone has their own edge and where you travel should take you to your edge but also be what you’re into. I love Amsterdam and that’s a very easy place to go to. I love the art. I love the food. I love the bicycles and canals. That is often where I stop on my way to India and spend the night there. Knowing that’s the last nice toilet I’m going to see for a while (laughs).


Tell us about an experience you’ve had that was unexpected.


I remember I was in Morocco once in this small coastal town, Essaouira, which is very big with surfers and also where Cat Stevens and Jimi Hendrix spent some time.


We met some guys and they said why don’t you come to dinner with us later? We said “OK” and they said, “Well let’s go get the food for that.” They took us over the town threshold where tourists don’t go past. Where you can buy fish and vegetables. You go to a restaurant and you give them the food and they say “OK come back in two hours”, and they will have cooked your food for you. I’ve had those kinds of experiences over and over and over traveling.


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