Summer Meisner Acting Intensive

There is a community of passionate artists waiting for you. 

We’re excited to invite actors of all levels to join us for our Six-Week Summer Intensive, the ultimate training ground for those seeking to elevate their craft and take their performance to new heights.

Our intensive is not just about honing your acting skills, it’s about being part of a community of artists who share your passion for the craft. Led by experienced professionals, our program follows Sanford Meisner‘s traditional sequence of improvisational exercises and basic scene work, starting with the repetition exercise and culminating with the first scene.

Bring the whole self, train the whole self. 

At the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, we believe that true growth as an actor comes from a holistic approach to training. That’s why we encourage all summer students to add the Voice and Movement Intensives to their program. The Voice and Movement Intensive are designed to develop your self-awareness and understanding of relaxation and openness. Through visualization and cultivation of new images of the inner workings of your body and breath, you will access more direct expression of thought, feeling, and impulse, supporting the rich emotional access of the Meisner work.


Imagine what’s possible for you and your craft.

The Summer Intensive is not just about developing your acting skills; it’s about exploring the freedom of expression that comes from moving beyond your comfort zone. It’s about discovering new possibilities within yourself and your craft. And it’s about building the foundation for the work that will continue into your career.

The Terry Knickerbocker Studio Summer 6-Week Intensive, which runs from June 12th to July 31st, 2023, is the ultimate training ground for beginners, professional actors, and anyone one in between seeking to achieve excellence in their work. 

Join our community of like-minded artists and take the next step in your career. You belong here at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio.


You Belong Here. 


Meisner Intensive only

Total $1795


Meisner plus
Voice or Movement.

TOTAL = $2,457.50


All three intensives included:
Meisner, Voice, & Movement.

TOTAL = $3,120

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