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TKS International Students Online Series

January 22, 2022

TK International Student Series


During the pandemic, many of our students returned to their hometown to their families but continued to train and take acting classes online with Terry Knickerbocker Studios without giving up hope and determination. We follow some of our #TKActor students to their hometown to get a little taste of what it is like from where they grew up, their surroundings and what nurtures and inspires them to continue their passion in training as an Actor.

The International Students Online Series (Playlist on YouTube) includes the following episodes:

Episode 1: Fern Hall (Madrid, Spain)

Episode 2: Or Gal and Lev Kerzhner (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Episode 3: Ana Isabelle (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Episode 4: Yuka Taga (Tokyo, Japan)

Episode 5: Tom Colford (Brooklyn, New York)

Episode 6 Imac Zambrana (Oslo, Norway)

Episode 7: Emily Brown (Toronto, Canada)

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