The New World of Online Auditions

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Are online auditions here to stay?

As we embark on a new year of online training, we wanted to examine how the shift in training has shaped the industry. Using feedback from industry leaders and our TK Team, we explored the lasting power of virtual facilitation and the impact it’s had on actors and casting teams.

A new meaning to studio apartments

The days of running around to different audition venues and classes are gone. Actors instead are searching for opportunities and attending workshops in the comfort of their own home. 


These modifications have offered more flexibility than ever before. Self tapes have often been used as a preliminary audition. Currently, they are predominantly the first look a director is going to get of an actor. A benefit is that actors have the ability to retake – a luxury not afforded during auditions. Scenes can be reshot and actors can explore their creativity in their self-tapes. 

Casting directors are paying closer attention to detail and finding more effort being put into these tapes. Instead of a quickly shot video in front of a blank wall, actors are creating scenic backdrops with props, or even filming in fitting locations (as long as the background isn’t distracting to the acting work). These actors are left with more free time and using it to explore ways to make themselves stand out. 

Casting director’s perspectives

Virtual meetings also give more of the crew accessibility to the auditioners. If producers or creatives aren’t all in the same place, they can easily hop on a call and watch in on some auditions. Instead of a few people, the whole crew could be listening in on your audition.


Although creativity has spiked in regards to self-tapes – directors feel like they are missing out on the personalities of the actors. Audio cuts out – and conversations don’t flow easily when you’re constantly asking, “Can you hear me?” Connection and charisma don’t easily come across virtually. Amongst this, a new sense of camaraderie between performers and professionals has been created – an acknowledgement that everyone is under the same circumstances and just making it work.

Post-pandemic auditions

Although many aspects of life are going back to normal, some virtual elements seem like they’re here to stay. Zoom has opened up a world of minimal commuting and accessibility. Virtual auditions give more ease of access and allow casting to be open to a more variety of actors. Instead of needing to travel across continents or relying on local talent to find “the one”, directors can extend their reach beyond local talent. This ease of access is proving that online casting is here to stay.


Take a listen to what Terry Knickerbocker, and TK teacher and actor Katie Flahive have to say about the online audition world.


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