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Terry did a 4-day Intensive in Atlanta and it was absolutely incredible. You can tell that acting is embedded in every cell in his body and he truly does care. His patience is unmatched which also created a really safe environment to be free & feel. While those 4 days were hard, I felt like I grew so much from the experience. Hoping to join his intensive this Summer or maybe even the conservatory program. We’ll see! Thank you for coming to Atlanta, Terry!

– Gabriela A.

Atlanta Master Class Student


Terry taught a 4-day Intensive in Atlanta that I was lucky enough to be a part of! I absolutely loved the importance he puts on the writing and the words of the playwrights. This is something that’s rarely taught in Atlanta. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to better their craft!

– Candi V.

Atlanta Master Class Student


“He puts the Master in Master Class….”


Terry visited Drama Inc. (what I consider the best acting studio in Atlanta, GA) in February 2020 and I was lucky enough to be one of the INCterns helping with the week of Master Classes.

Terry is simply the best. He puts the Master in Master Class. He displays talent, attitude, skills, and education of the highest degree. If you want literal top notch professionalism and training, choose the brilliant Terry Knickerbocker.

– Victor R.

Atlanta Master Class Intern

I trained with Terry a few years back, and he navigated my consciousness into a thorough dissection of my psyche – and guided me in a much fuller understanding of myself I did not believe I was capable of. And challenged me every single day I was in his class. The best of the best.

– John H.


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