Joshua Z.

“I can’t imagine studying with anyone else….”

I’ve been studying with Terry for nine years, which is how long I’ve lived in New York. I can’t imagine studying with anyone else. His attention and patience doesn’t just resonate with me as an actor, but continues outside the classroom, as well. It’s pretty amazing to witness. Working with him has allowed me to become a much more aware actor, one who is more open and ready to listen, and extremely available and giving, which allows me to enjoy my acting. These are all things which should be on every actor’s utility belt.

I’m the best actor when I work with Terry and consistently do my best work with him coaching and encouraging me. As good of a coach as he is, Terry really makes you become a better person. His teachings and warm heart were one of the first things I experienced in the city but they’ll remain with me in all things that I will ever do. I have him to thank for the actor and person I’ve become.

– Joshua Z.