Emma W.

“Be prepared to work hard, and transform!”

Besides a thorough, specific, all-encompassing, caring, & passionate training in the craft of acting, my time at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio has given me self-empowerment, a way of working and breaking through my own blocks, and a commitment to pursuing my work always with love and joy. Terry and his INCREDIBLE staff and faculty have “taught me how to fish,” so to speak, so that I can always keep improving and moving forward for myself.

At the Studio, I learned how to seek inside of myself and inside of a script to create an authentic, personal, dynamic performance. But I have also learned how to recognize and move through the road blocks I put in my way, and that has changed my life, not just in my acting. Be prepared to work hard, and transform! I can’t imagine a better place to have gone on this journey – the environment, the people, the literal beautiful rooms, and the passion that permeates the Studio are unmatched, in my opinion. Forever a TK ambassador!!

– Emma W.