Deonna D.

“If you are serious about acting, then this studio is number one….”

It can be intimidating choosing to train professionally as an actor, especially with many studio options in NYC, but Terry’s studio is like no other, helping each individual reach their full potential by creating a safe space to do so. Terry’s attention to detail, his undivided attention and love for his work are what sets this studio apart from the others.

There is so much passion in, not only Terry’s teaching, but in all the staff there. Because of this passion, I was influenced immensely to be the best actor I can be. I was influenced to love, work hard and enjoy the process. The teachers, the staff, and the students care about you and your potential. I was pushed to take risks and to let go just like everyone else here. I am a better actor because of this training here, and an even better empathetic human. I am eternally grateful for this beautiful experience.

– Deonna D.