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Voice Training for the Actor

Through the work in the great Voice & Speech curriculum at Terry Knickerbocker Studio, our Meisner students are guided to experience their voices as thought/feeling impulses, infused with breath and vibration, and freed out through open channels and amplified by the body’s resonators.

Through the two year curriculum, students develop their self-awareness and understanding of relaxation and openness. They begin to visualize and cultivate new images of the inner workings of their body and breath. They will focus towards the release of tension in the jaw, tongue, soft palate and throat. They will also find a wide open physical channel for a fuller, more direct expression of your thought/feeling impulses.

Then, students focus on the exploration and awareness on their individual speech and personal ‘accents’ as they play with sounds as the building blocks of language. Explore vowels and consonants through an active physical engagement of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

This exploration stokes the desire to communicate and brings fullness to any spoken text. Through whole-body physical and vocal exercises, release and experimentation, students become aware of and explore their own specific way of speaking.

Whether speaking English with a general American accent, with regionalisms shaped nearby or in a distant country, students work to attain maximum intelligibility and freedom to create the possibility of communicating honestly and fully in any accent. This work is specifically explored in our General American Speech Workshop in the Spring.

Finally, students learn to work to a variety of demanding texts that stretch and develop your individual eloquence and expression by practicing and exploring the dynamics of speech through poetry and heightened language. The work focuses more on performance, using classical and contemporary platform speeches of between 3-5 minutes.  The precision of the language work continues while the actors include a practical study of rhetoric and argumentation.  There is a final performance of the speeches at the end of the course.

Voice & Speech Training

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