Voice & Speech IV

Poetry of Speaking

Voice & Speech IV is advanced speech and voice work, exposing actors to a variety of demanding texts that stretch and develop each participant’s individual eloquence and expression.  From a Linklater warm-up or workout in each class, students then move into practicing and exploring the dynamics of speech through poetry, including writers such as Shakespeare & Whitman, both in choral speaking and individually.  In the second half of the course, the work focuses more on performance, using classical and contemporary platform speeches of between 3-5 minutes.  The precision of the language work continues while the actors include a practical study of rhetoric and argumentation.  There is a final performance of the speeches at the end of the course, to which a willing public is warmly invited.


Alyssa Ciccarello


Voice & Speech I, Voice & Speech II, Voice & Speech III


24 Classes
Class is twice a week for 2 hours
Class starts in January and runs for 12 weeks


See Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory page

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