The main focus for the eight weeks will be on Shakespeare’s text and how to identify the tools that every actor needs to demystify and inhabit the meaning, imagery, rhythm and rhyme of Shakespeare in a way that is honestly human, spontaneously active and at the same time, make full use of the power of Shakespeare’s poetry. This eight-week workshop is designed for both actors who are new to the playing of Shakespeare as well as those who might have experience, but want a refresher.

We will work on various forms of text, sonnets and speeches, verse and prose. At the completion of this class, actors will have strong audition material that demonstrates a deep understanding of Shakespeare’s heightened language. The goal of this highly physical class is to increase the actor’s kinesthetic and intellectual understanding of the material in order to perform Shakespearean text with vitality and confidence.

You’ll be encouraged to explore your own uniquely personal response to the material, probing deeply into the visceral expression of your body, voice, and imagination.




Dr. Heather Rasche


Must have completed the first year of the Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory training, or an equivalent Conservatory Undergrad or MFA program. Special consideration may be given to students who have not completed any of the above. Please contact the Administration for more information.





See Third Year Program, and Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory 

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