Script Analysis I

Have you ever looked over a script and had no idea how to get “in.” Or if you did have an idea, you had no idea if it was backed up by the text? You are not alone.

Script Analysis I provides you with a solid, practical, and applicable step-by-step methodology to help figure out what is on the page.  You will learn how to bring the text to life, with precision, accuracy, and intelligence. After taking this course, you will never again feel lost when approaching a text.  

This is a highly interactive class that relies on participation.  You will learn a methodology to script analysis that will make you director- and playwright-proof, and will help you work independently as an actor.

Plays we analyze in Script Analysis include: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Hamlet, Art, A Doll House, ‘night Mother, Desire Under the Elms, Oleanna, and more.


Meg Araneo


None, Second Year Conservatory students are required to take Script Analysis I


Section A


Fridays: 11am-2pm

12 classes


Section B


Sundays 12:00pm-3:00pm

12 classes



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