Balinese Mask

Twice a year Per Brahe, the Artistic Director for the annual ‘Bali Conservatory’ travels to TK Studio from Indonesia with a selection of his traditional Balinese masks, to teach a Mask Intensive Workshop to TK students.

Every artist in Bali strives for TAKSU. The Balinese define it as the moment when the artist completely surrenders to the form of his or her craft and God appears. This energy has many names and is present in every culture. The Indians call it Rasa and American athletes call it The Zone, others know it as Charisma. It is this divine performance energy that will be explored under the supervision of Master Teacher Per Brahe. His extremely rare and original approach to Mask work links three theatrical disciplines – Chekhov technique, traditional Balinese Mask and Dance work – into one original performance theory.


Per Brahe




6 Classes

Class meets once a day for 3 hours

April 28th – May 7th

Two consecutive weekends, Friday – Sunday



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