Alexander Technique

About the Technique

The Alexander Technique is a set of skills and insights that connect you to your body and help you find more ease, confidence, and precision in the way you move, breathe, and communicate.  Understanding how your physicality and your psychology are unified is the essential connection at the core of the Alexander work. In this way, it will give you a foundation skill for syncing up your acting, voice and movement training.

Through AT classes, you will learn a process for uncovering your playful responsiveness in the moment. And you will learn more about how to use your senses – your sense of space and time as well as your body senses. You will develop a dependable sense of center as you strengthen your primary, underlying coordination. You will learn to expand, rather than narrow your self – and your focus. Orientational skills will help you establish safety and open up awareness of choice. You will be able to perform more efficiently, specifically and authentically, open to new experiences and to what partners have to offer. And with joy!

Alexander Technique Online

The Alexander Technique is best understood through experiencing it, with the guidance of a teacher, in activities as simple as walking. In these online classes, everything we do becomes an experiment for learning, leading to independent daily practice. We will be using whatever space you have available. You will receive specific, personalized feedback and exercises to practice.

Within the 6-week session we will address essential principles of the Alexander work, in respect to your integration – your biopsychosocial instrument. As you learn more about your anatomical design for moving and breathing, you will also be sensing how your movement reflects your thoughts and beliefs. Insights into patterns of behavior and emotions are part of this foundational work: Alexander Technique provides a process for changing habitual patterns seen in posture, demeanor and vocal support . We will explore how to use your senses to your advantage and how to orient your focus. Playful awareness of time and space will prepare you for readiness and agility. Overall, developing a dependable sense of your center will strengthen your intrinsic coordination.

Alexander Technique in Our Current Moment

Managing and enjoying working at home:

  • Alexander classes teach us to recognize when I need focus and when we need a break.
  • Refresh and reset. Constructive rest breaks and sensory exercises can be refreshing – like meditation.
  • Strengthen attentional skills to be in charge of your reactivity and your boundaries.

Treating yourself well:

  • Understanding how to work within the available space and time.
  • Caring for yourself on a computer: regaining breath and easy posture to avoid strain – feeling more alive after being online!
  • Managing habits. Become more aware of cravings and your options for changing habits.

Trying something new or challenging:

  • Experience this foundational process to prepare for the fall — for growth and for breaking through to a new level of skill.


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