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This series offers students the opportunity to tell stories and create characters in a safe “virtual,” space.  Participants will form an ensemble,  using the ZOOM platform to build trust so they feel comfortable enough to take a risk.  Students will develop, and engage in, a high level of focus, concentration and listening.  This will allow thoughts and moments from their own lives to pop into their minds while listening to those of others.  Music, movement and comedy will be injected into this process in a manner that reflects the talents and inclinations in the room.   ZOOM offers a variety of options, (e.g. breakout rooms, recording, etc.) that will enhance our ability to develop work that can be adapted for a variety of mediums, both live and digital.  The program will culminate with a “virtual,” performance event and celebration for the ensemble and invited guests.


In a time during which the whole world is experiencing such great challenges and isolation, this series will strive to create a place for ensemble members to share…to listen… and learn to connect with their own, authentic voice.


David Deblinger


Saturdays/Sundays 6:00pm-9:00pm

April 18th-May 10th

8 classes/4 weeks


Graduate, or currently enrolled student in any foundational acting program.



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