Actors Creating Work

This two part workshop series will engage actors, interested in creating original material, in a process utilizing tools (exercises and improvisations) that will illicit stories and “characters,” from both truth and imagination. The class will be asked to support one another in order to quickly create an environment where participants feel comfortable to take creative risks. Music, movement and comedy will also be injected into this short introduction into creating unique performance pieces, while developing and strengthening each participant’s original and authentic voice. The work comes from almost three decades of experience the instructor has creating programs and facilitating groups with activities informed by three tenets: “ensemble based,” “multi-disciplinary,” and “self generating.”


David Deblinger


1 weekend, 2 classes

Saturday 10/19 6pm-9pm

Sunday 10/20 6:30-9:30pm


Enrollment at Terry Knickerbocker Studio



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