Sinead O’Donoghue

Emotional Education Group Leader

Sinead moved from her native Ireland to New York to train as an actor. Her early interest in storytelling developed into an obsession with theater and the art of acting. Theater provokes an audience to reflect, and, hopefully, heal itself, both individually and as a community.

After many years of study, she came to understand that her passion was about people themselves, helping them to grow, develop, and realize their fullest potential.

This fascination with the human experience and growth has led her to study many modalities that invite self-exploration and self-awareness in order to help people and communities heal.

Sinead pursued her professional training as an actor with Terry Knickerbocker and completed the Two Year Meisner program. She earned her B.A in Theater from Empire State College and her Masters of Social Work with a focus in Psychotherapy from New York University. Sinead is also a certified Reiki healer and the founder of The Movement IaMheR, a platform that empowers women who have experienced sexual violence to share their stories of experience, strength, and hope.

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