Mackian Bauman


Mackian Bauman is a California-born physical artist, actor, director, and choreographer. He is a graduate of New York University, spending most of his time studying at the Meisner Studio. There, he fell in love with the teachings of Lloyd Williamson taught by Julia Crocket. After graduation, he quickly began his studies towards a more in-depth understanding of what the Williamson technique was, how it benefits the actor, and, most importantly, how to lead others on the same journey he learned so much from. Mentored by Nate Flower, Crockett, and others in the blossoming movement community in NYC, Mackian began teaching at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio in 2018.

Mackian is a member of the movement company Julia Crockett and Group with which he has performed around the NYC area for over 3 years. As well, Mackian is the co-founder of Bloom Theatre Company with writer Danielle Bonanno. Bloom Theatre Co. clashes poetic prose with awkwardly humanistic physicalities distorting theatrical tropes to create charmingly dystopic movement-plays that reframe the human need for connectedness. Bloom Theatre Co. is presenting a workshop of its first piece “10 Seconds” in early December. 

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